Asian cuisine and beer all weekend!

So after my first full week at Sunshine all is good but I was ready or a drink. We decided to *gasp* eat Yakitori for a change. We started in a small one down from the usual one we go to.  The food was dry and unimpressive. The Taiwan beer gold was fine tho. We then went to the usual place and the food was so much better. I even like the tofu and pig blood in that place. Who wouldn’t when it is is barbecued and seasoned to perfection. With that delightful food we consumed Taiwan draught beer, Taiwan normal beer and Heineken. I am a little obsessed with Taiwan beer right now.

Saturday night we went for stir fry near my old house on Boaping. Moving from restaurant to restaurant eating Kung poa chicken and other such delights…….and again consuming large amounts of Taiwan beer. Then Busch Ice  and Kirin.

Today we felt super guilty about the food and beer and went for a short bike ride along the river and then a run in the park. We ate Shabu and now I am watching the end of ‘The island’ with Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean.


~ by richardpmurfin on September 9, 2012.

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