Summer schedule/Mornings at Sunshine/Break from modern warfare3/Post typhoon/\lost 10kg’s/Bought a suspension bike!

I will just bullet point this entry as it’s been a while :

* Started at Sunshine school of English. I am doing 9-12 at the moment. So the mornings are early , but it’s fun and rewarding and I really am enjoying it so far. Real schedule starts in September.

* My break from Modern Warfare has extened now to maybe 3 weeks. I am not missing it at all. Havign to put in 3 hours a night to be the best at something is rewarding to a certain extent. But not enough to dictate my summer nights. I need more time to eat, jog and generally enjoy myself before bed ( given I am in bed around 12 currently and not 4 am heh). I am still playing Fallout 3 now and again however.  I do miss playign with Chrisakacloud and will probably get Borderlands or Borderlands 2 and team up at some point. It is hard to play him at the moment tho as he isn’t on till later being in the UK.

* Nasty typhoon last week , gave me a day off work but left many parts of Xindian and southern Taiwan in disarray. I’ll think twice about wishing for a typhoon holiday.

* My healthy lifestyle continues with the purchasing of a new bike ( Dunlop suspension bike) , yeh it was super cheap from RT Mart , but hey it works and looks cool enough. I go running most days and we cycle on Sunday , despite Jody getting a puncture last week and gear problems this lol. BUT the healthy lifestyle has paid off. I have lost 10kg’s roughly. So now I can wear all those old t-shirts that I couldn’t fit into for a year or two. Bought some new summer ultra light Adidas clothing and shorts to properly embrace the summer.

* Bought a bottle of Giorgio Valenti. BUT like the Boss sport it only lasts an hour on my skin! I need something strong and clean for the summer. That will last more than a few minutes. Davidoff Cool Water is all I can think of at the moment.

* Watched Batman 3. I wont harp on about it but it was exellent. I also watched Battleships ( not bad ) . Lock out ( pretty fun) . And John Carter ( good family fun) . I realise I haven’t reviewed the movies per-se but I can’t be bothered to write out all the nuances.

Anyway I have just finished Bones on Fox HD and will wait for it to cool a little outside before I run outside. Jody is away in Kaohsiung until Friday ( guess I have to was my own shirts) , when she comes back we will go out with the newly married Ivy ( married last month in Tainan) for food on the classic Leli road ( old house from 2005).  Okay that’s all for now folks.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 7, 2012.

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