Last days of my holidays/Kenting/Birthday is nigh!

We went to Kenting for the weekend. Was grand. Better to post my Facebook entry to save myself some time :

Soaked to the skin on day 1 . Burnt then soaked on day 2 . Cash machine stole my card on day 3! Not a hangover in sight tho for some reason. I’m thinking this altitude theory of Eoghain Bellamy could be spot on. All in all a good time in Kenting but I love being home.

To echo that, it was a good old time. Drank Heineken , ate fried foods like crab , shrimp and Thai delights ( yeh Thai is popular in Kenting). I got burned despite the fact the weather looked decidedly dull ( see pic).

Yesterday we had lunch in Vapiano’s again ( great pasta and pizza ) , Jody’s treat for my up and coming birthday ( 35 gulp). Then watched Batman.  Truly epic. Best movie I have seen in a long time. Still think the Joker was a better bad guy tho. Good to see the scarecrow …..erm again. Makes me want to watch the whole lot again.

Yesterday I bought a bottle of Boss bottled sport. Fantastic light summer cologne . Bottle was like 1800nt for 50 ml’s tho. Perhaps I should have bought the CK shock for the same price ( 2ooml bottle) . Anyway it’s got me into fragrances big style. Thinking about oldies , classics and new ones I’d like to try . This website is great for reviewing and such :

I joined it and have already started to amass reviews and info/facts on different fragrances I like/want etc.

I start the Kindy Sunshine shift on Wednesday so it’s all happening soon! Man I’m gonna be 35 soon. I got to Taiwan when I was 28 ……time flies for sure.

Started watching QI on youtube every night. It’s free , funny and entirely watcheable. There are a ton to watch also.

Been drinking a lot of Oolong tea as of late. Refreshing and very light in the summer months.

Games are normally my priority but at the moment they are seemingly low priority. I am having a break from modern warfare 3 and I am not missing it at all. Continuing to chip away at Metal Gear ( yeh slowly but surely) I am now up to Vamp ( boss4) . I am also up to the Vault 87 mission on Fallout 3.  They are both gripping games but I’m trying to lay off the games until later in the evening. I finished Feast for crows and have started reading the second Harry Potter ( chamber of secrets ) again as I picked it up for 99nt.

Currently watching 5 daughters on BBC entertainment . A drama about the Suffolk strangler or the Suffolk ripper. Depressing and gritty ( British tv of course) , but very watcheable.

Here is me in Kenting . In the seemingly dull sunlight before I got burnt. We had half the beach to ourselves as everyone else was huddled in the middle!


~ by richardpmurfin on July 25, 2012.

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