England out, Wimbledon starts……..holiday goes on!

Ahh well first day of the holiday starts with an England exit and a hangover. But hey I have 5 weeks off. I can’t complain now can I . I won’t harp on about the England match , after last night I had had enough of football till at least the start of the Prem. Makes me appreciate the Premier league all the more. If your beaten you play the week after, no elimination no heartache.

Woke up hungover ( only went to bed at 6.30). Went for Shabu shabu , played some call of duty and then started watching Wimbledon in HD on ESPN , be great to watch a different sport other than football. Gonna jog later and try and sweat out some of the San Miguel from last night.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 25, 2012.

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