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So the England match is tonight. Albeit at 2.45 . We plan to go to the tavern late tonight. I reckon we will watch Prometheus first. Yesterday we rode bikes along the river and took in the remains of a Dragon Boat race in Bitan. Last night Chris got the maps and we played some very fun games of Oasis , foundation and sanctuary ( until the signal died in Asia) . The new maps are solid enough for objectives. Like many maps though , I dont like them as much in TDM….heck I just dont like TDM. Oasis is a fun search map as is Foundation ( even tho it’s a clustered mess in the middle). Sanctuary is a solid enough map but in objective games trawling through the tight corridors for ages only to be killed can be kind of repetitive. As my mates havent had the maps , I reserve judgement on how good these maps are for different game modes. I do wonder what factors they put into place when they design the maps. Indeed they couldnt be any more different than the mw2 maps. Avoiding lines of sight seem to be the most important factor, as well as having as many routes in and out of buildings as possible. I guess they are trying to avoid sniping campers whom sit at windows and claymore their backside.Oasis seems to be a breath of fresh air tho. It has open corridors but also great opportunities for multiple routes making it a better search map. There is nothing more frustrating than a map than constricts the gamer to a route that will be invariably be watched by multiple snipers *cough* Highrise. Foundation on first glance js a solid demo map as well as search. I dont like it as a tdm map as it’s just annoyingly cluttered. The frame in the middle is redundant and just serves as a pedestal to be shot from ( good for those who are smart and creep around the outside). Sanctuary as mentioned is annoying in its design. BUT that annoyance can be turned into a pro when the map is used to its advantage. I feel it could be a decent sabo map as you could coordinate and then guard the perimeter well by posting at each corridor end. I havent played Sabo on it yet tho. Domination on this map can be a money spinner if your able to see an untaken flag. In the few games I have played I have been able to pick off whole teams at spawn from behind a wall. The face off maps I have mentioned. It’s worth saying they have added cap the flag to the 2v2 and 3v3 game modes.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 24, 2012.

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