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Infinity ward has opted to go for more face off maps. I’d say the first bunch was a resounding success. I also think the move to throw CTF into the face off maps is a good one. I myself find ctf a faster flowing game than tdm. KC is a smart one in tight maps though as it encourages the user to NOT camp ( having to get the tags means moving) . I do think they should vary up the game modes in face off. Just  because the maps are small doesnt mean they shouldn’t be varied. Otherwise I have to assume the severity of changes must be a memory thing.  dont like tdm but in small game modes it isnt so bad. I dont see why they cant vary the face off maps in accordance to the amount of players. 1v1 :  TDM and KC . 2v2 TDM , Team defender ( yes it does work, I tried it in privates and it’s fun with 2v2) and KC. 3v3 CTF, TDM and Search….yes you heard me search is fantastic with small maps and players. Like I said it must be a memory thing. I know IW are never gonna make huge changes to the mechanics but it does make you wish the map would pop up first and then you could vote on game mode after. I also find myself playing the DLC2 maps and wishing I could just choose Oasis again and again. Foundation sort of gets me down.

Anyway rant over …bring on more variety IW , that’s my message!



Arctic Recon

Requiring surgical precision by air, land, and sea, this new Special Ops mission tasks you with destroying a Russian battleship by planting beacons for an air strike. Take control of a recon helicopter to reveal the beacon locations before fighting off forces on the ground to ensure the ship never leaves port.



No storm shelter can keep you safe in “Vortex,” the all-new “Face Off” map that places you just outside the danger zone of a devastating tornado.



A bombed-out, gridlocked highway provides a perfect backdrop for combatants on this all-new “Face Off” map, where oil fields burn black high above six-lanes’ worth of abandoned cars, buses and paths for attack.



A New York bridge overpass provides the backdrop for this all-new “Face Off” map in which an ultra-condensed 2-block battle zone allows players to fight on the first and second floors of surrounding apartments and bombed-out bodegas.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 23, 2012.

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