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Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining that we have new maps. Indeed it’s great to see free ones to the general masses. But I do find it strange that they ONLY put in tdm and KC. TDM and KC are game modes that can be played on every map at any time. These smaller maps are suited to hectic little games , or indeed sly sniping games. Me and a bunch of mates online decided to see what these maps could really be used for. SO we played Erosion and Aground in private. The result was a superb game of HQ , Cap the flag and search on aground as well as an epic game of team defender ( just 2v2 that one and yes it works as a small game) as well as some tension filled games of search on Erosion. Search is the type of game mode that can work with any map size as the players use the environment accordingly. Its not like playing a game of TDM in a tiny map as people arent as gun ho. I wish gettaway and lookout were also available to the masses as as it stands I can’t find a game of them in Asia ( what a shock). The real jewel of the new maps is Oasis . This is a beautiful map, well designed with enough nooks and crannies and corridors to please the most die hard of sniper AND run and gunners. Again tho it’s on the playlist that I wont see. I have literally played Foundation maybe 6 times and can’t see many people in Asia getting the maps. Already on the Elite objectives the amound of players is down to maybe 200. Sure they have encorporated them into the main list but that helps me little as when I am searching it simply can’t find them. Add to the equation that some soon enough will have DLC 1 and not 2 or indeed 2 and not one, then the process of finding a game in Asia will become even more convoluted.

Overall I have rated the new DLC from what I have seen :

Oasis 5/5 : Clean and bright with great balconies for picking people offand large open corridors for heavy gun fire. Fantastic for Dom and some good scope for Search also.

Gettaway 4/5 : Hard to rate this one. Some game modes it could be fun. I think it’s better for search that others. It can be a little messy and infuriating with tdm and KC. We tried Cap the flag on it and it was hilarious.For tdm it’s poor but for others very cool.

Aground 4/5 : It looks gloomy but actually it’s a really good map. Good scope for long shots and also great for CTF and HQ. Well balanced map.

Erosion 3.5/5 : Cool for search . Not bad at all , it does however have TOO many brick obstacles.

Lookout : 3.5/5 Another solid effort. Not spectacular but this is perfect for 1v1 matches. Hunting down your foe , sound whoring and generaling getting your head popped by a sniper.


Yes you heard me! The ak74u is heavily rumoured to be appearing as DLC for mw3. This is no joke. It seems it will only be Elite tho. Meaning there is a very real chance that none elite players will be scurrying around after ak users to try and find one on the floor. I hope it’s good but not OP. Indeed balance of good and bad guns is what mw3 is supposed to be about. Rumours that the pm9 , m16 and mp5 being buffed annoy me as they cant buff everything. Otherwise every gun is like the mp7. I mean what’s the point in having 10 OP guns. Why not let have 4-5 and the rest can be chosen by fans or people who like the feel. Anyway gafter playing the single player I have a good idea of how the ak74 will run. Predictable recoil and solid metals. I reckon it will deal 35 damage dropping to 25 with an rpm of 825 , sort of middle of the road yet solid. If they do something stupid like make it as powerful as the UMP as fast as the p90 and with good recoil it really will unbalance a game that already struggles with balance….( and think how the none elite players will feel) .



~ by richardpmurfin on June 17, 2012.

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