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Not much to report. My brothers birthday on Saturday. Probably go to Bobwundayes and the Speakeasy for a few. Jody is snowed under with work and conferences and special meetings and such. My call of duty form has hit a low despite being very good but two days ago. I am a third into Feast for crows the fourth book of the Game of thrones quadrilogy ( if that’s the correct term) . My new school emailed me to let me know my kindy schedul in July? Which is strange as I am not doing Kindy and start in September. If they have made a clerical error and put me down for kindy it will be the shortest job I have ever done as I wont do it lol. I did Kindy for a year at Joyland ( see blog entries from 2006-2007) and it nearly wiped me out. I am a jovial chap but 7 am starts with split shifts and taking kids to the toilet is NOT my idea of fun anymore….not that it ever was. Two more days until the weekend and indeed just until the 22nd of June until I am out of my current job and into a holiday. I will probably do some cover work before September although I am in no rush, indeed I want to have a week off at least to peruse some coffee shops I have taken note of ( some cool little ones I want to sit in) . No4 park has some class little places I really want to go to so I can exercise then take in the scenery. Jody needs a break also and hopefully we can have one around August. Trouble is I wont be making any money for 2 months really.

Yesterday me and Jody went to Forkers near Zongshan MRT . I stuck to my diet and had a cobb salad, Jody had the quesadilla. Forkers is an anomoly in that it does good food and it’s good value AND the salad is decent. The standard has never dropped from day one ( which cant be said for Evan’s burger) . It was nice but I know I’ll start to crave burgers before long. I have been eating pizza now and again but only the thin crust type. Indeed we went to Bellini Pasta Pasta and had some fine Italian food, at a reasonable price with solid service and atmos ( Image


~ by richardpmurfin on June 7, 2012.

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