Out with Yoyo in with Sunshine

Okay. A very strange week. I quit at my current school. It’s been a fun 15 months but I really need to move on. I am a glorified babysitter/game provider. My resume ages every year and my skill set needs to be improved to remain competitive. I had a demo at Sunshine American school (http://www.sunshineschool.com.tw/front/bin/home.phtml)  on the Thursday and by the Friday I had signed a pre contract for September. I will be working at two schools in the Dapinglin area.

England’s first friendly under Roy Hodgson . Alas it wasn’t on telly but they won 1-0. I just hope that the Euro’s are on the MOD box or I’ll have to spend  a lot of cash down in the Tavern (http://www.tavern.com.tw/). Given I have more of the summer off due to my job change I am also keen to get into the beers of the summer at seven eleven. Rumour has it they will have London Pride! If this is right : http://enjoy.7net.com.tw/w004.faces?catid=33508&ladosidg=60&icmpid=DD004 . Then I will be a happy man , but my new diet may go to pot.

Friday we went out for Yakitori along Mingsheng East road. I woke up with a hangover but we still went out for a decent bike ride in Gongguan along the river. Today we ventured into Dapinglin to work out the bus routes and to generally get a feel on the area. Great area tbh. Has all the amenities. Subway , stir fry , Moss burger, Mcdonalds, Starbucks….you name it. Got home went for a quick jog had some coco pops and watched Blood diamond.

I had to order A Feast for Crows as I couldn’t find the seperate book anywhere in the second hand book stores or even in Eslite in Gongguan . I have just started it and eagerly anticipate it. Even if it is meant to be a little slower than storm of swords. We also bought the DVD’s online and have got to number 5 . Even Jody is loving it.

Modern Warfare 3 I sort of laid off cod a bit due to demo’s and job searches ( early starts and all) . But I attempted to counter that by prestiging last night. Hopefully the challenge of rising through the ranks albeit during double xp will get me back on track. I am now up to level 48 but it’s killing my KD as running around gathering xp isn’t condusive to staying alive. Half the reason I did it was to sharpen up but also to get a custom class from the Prestige Shop.I am already missing my MP7 but I am sure to get it soon enough.

Okay that’s all for now. I am sure there is a ton of stuff I have forgot but I’ll post more. I plan to buy a bike soon ( both for me and Jody ) so I can post more about routes, adventures and different aspects in dealing with our new ‘innocent’ activity as Gareth would put it.


~ by richardpmurfin on May 27, 2012.

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