3 Months of sweating in Taipei!

Yes the weather is back. The 8-9 months that I love have ended and we head towards the 3 most uncomfortable months of the year. 3 months that normally I barely sleep , barely want to eat and yet dont lose weight because I crave ice cold lager every night. Given my health kick is still going strong it will be interesting to see how I can conquer the summer thirst for beer without drinking beer itself. There is only so much of a fix you can get from scotch. Indeed can you stand on the balcony in the heat and really enjoy a Scotch. I have just bought a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 year old from the Family mart to test that theory but it’s going down pretty slow.


Me and Jody are trying to be healthy and as the weather is getting nicer we are trying to do moe stuff on the weekend. This weekend we went to Keelung and walked around on the beach and had food. On Sunday we went for a bike ride ( hired bikes ) along the riverside past Gongguan. I typically got a dodgy bike with crappy gears but other than that it was a grand day out. We will probably do it again on Sunday . The one thing I did forget is how much the seats hurt your bum! Man it was sore.

Movies / TV

We watched Avengers on Friday night after work . I have to say I was impressed. It was a great movie. The villains looked a little crap and sort of lacked identity but it wasnt about them it was about the ‘super heros’. The all seemed solid enough. Captain America was a little annoying. Overall though I think there was enough for fans of them all to be happy! It is strange it wasnt released midsummer however. There are two decent movies I’d like to see : Lockdown with Guy Pierce , as well as Prometheus, seemingly a prequel to Alien. Been watching a lot of Sherlock on the BBC . A very very good show. I highly recommend it.


I have sort of started to look for a new job as of late. It’s a little early for the main jobs to enter TEALIT but there are some. I did go for a job at a school called Columbia. It looked decent from the outside but overall the package wasnt good enough. The money was average. The hours were low and there seemed to be an awful lot of work and little fun for a ‘full time’ job. The search goes on.


My form has been up and down as of late. I nearly MOABED on Foundation ( new map) but havent really been able to find a game on those maps since ….what a shock! Overall I am enjoying cod a lot at the moment. I haven’t moabed since Bakaara and last week. It is worth shouting out to Chris who got his first moab on Bakaara last week also. Good stuff it was too! Okay that’s all for now gonna read game of thrones in bed with a Chivas Regal. I was pissed off with Game of thrones last week. After the ‘red wedding’ the author managed to kill off two more of the main characters leaving me on tenterhooks. Indeed who is good who is bad. Who will control Westeros. So many questions ……must read on.


~ by richardpmurfin on May 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “3 Months of sweating in Taipei!”

  1. Hey Richard,

    I don’t know how, but I stumbled across your blog today while looking for a job in Nanshijiao. I am also British and moved here in September last year. I am married to a Taiwanese too, but I’m only 23!

    Not sure how old you are, but I’m looking for some friends and you are the first English guy I’ve come across. In my current job, I have met Canadians, Americans, South Africans and Australians, but no British!! :-S

    I also love online gaming, but I’m an Xbox lover. MW3, BF3, Fifa etc

    So if you have some spare time, send me a message and we can meet up and game, or whatever.



    • Lol, no problem. Im 34 . Yeh I am happy to meet a fellow Patriot. I remember first getting here and I’d go for days without having a real conversation ( worked in a Kindy). I live on Jing Ping road in Nansijao. I dont go out as much as I did when I first got here. I tend to have a beer in the park. Message me back. What school are you are at and where do you live?

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