Weekend! It has rained for 4 days give or take an hour or two. The upside it is now fresher outside and altogether quite clement. I will endevour to maintain my healthy lifestyle with a jog around no4 park later.


Still reading Storm of Swords and it’s still as good as ever. The characters are being split further across the world of Ice and Fire but it’s still intruiging. I am now onto episode 3 of season 2 so my brain is sort of split into whats happening and when.


Watched hunger games the other day. Pretty good movie. I went in with little knowledge of it but thoroughly enjoyed it . I was gonna write a review but I really cant be bothered hehe.


Eating healthy is far more challenging than I thought. The main thing is I like a drink at night. Just one or two. So two beers is out as that is just empty carbs every night. Scotch seems to be the way as its carb free and not too heavy. Mm, I love scotch. I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down. Down into my belly. Mm-mm-mm. My answer is Subway and cereal so far. Although I am getting sick of those cereal drinks tho.


Chelsea will meet Bayern in the final. Who’d have thunk it. It was all ready for a titanic Spanish affair but the two unfashionable teams ruined it. Pep Guardiola has left Barca. Which begs the question I left on FB :

So Pep Guardiola is leaving the most exotic , talented , purist footballing team on the nation for a holiday . Good luck to him and congratulations. So why is Abramvich sniffing around him already? Why would the most respected manager around risk being sacked by a mad Russian on a power trip?

Followed by :

Lastly and I think Di Matteo eluded to it …..not to save his own chance of getting the job but simply thinking out loud : Barcelonas philosophy and style would be hard to replicate at any other time. Never mind in a different league/culture/environment with different players.

Sorry to paste FB but it’s easier than retyping . Jody is off to a wedding later , Im gonna chill at home.

Call of duty

Not much to report . More people have the maps and my current form is decent if not spectactular.


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