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Okay so capture the flag is my current fave in mw3. Guarding the flag, running  for it , picking off runners or supporting a runner. It’s all good fun. I like the way the spawns are more static also. Hate all the find the spawn tactics you have to employ inTDM.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Capture the Flag makes a return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is more reminiscent of the Call of Duty: Black Ops variant than that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; the game is split into two rounds and one overtime. The team with the most round wins at the end of the game wins. To win a round, a team must capture 3 enemy flags or have more captures than the other team when the round timer ends. Sides then switch and the same process is repeated. If, at the end of two rounds, the teams are tied (both teams winning one round each or two draws), the game goes into overtime in which the first team to capture the enemy flag (bring it back to their base) wins the match. If nobody captures the flag in overtime, the match is a draw.

Okay so 6 months on. Here is my gun rankings for the SMG’s and AR’s. This is how I FEEL as well how good the weapons are. Before people tell me a whole bunch of facts I dont care to hear about hehe.

Assault rifles :

1st – ACR / Type 95 : I’d put them on a par , both solid. ACR is not the lazer beam it was in mw2. It’s also a little slower. It does need kick , but that said its a Jack of all trades and does everything pretty well, and carries 30 damage to the end of the level. Type 95 is slow to reload and does drop off quickly , isn’t that good with a silencer . …..BUT it’s 55 freaking damage. Its 1000 rpm and it’s steady as a rock.

2nd – M4 Carbine. Fires fast , steady. Great all round rifle. I would have put the g36c ahead of this but this weapon has less recoil so I think for the average Joe this is a better choice.  Lastly the damage drop off is pretty high so it can be hard at distance. You dont really need kick with the m4 imo.

3rd – G36c :  My favourite .  Fast to raise , fast to drop with a quick fire rate. It does have recoil tho but it’s sort of straight up. This thing kicks but you know where it’s gonna kick too so to speak. When it’s unsilenced it sounds like all hell is breaking loose when you fire this puppy.

4th – SCAR L : Great supressed gun. Good recoil. Great metals. It does however only do 35 damage and drops down to 20 from a distance. I love this gun but it’s overall damage isnt good enough to keep up with the big boys.

5th – FAD : Fast to fire. Huge clip. Yeh it’s not that powerful, but it’s surprisingly quick to drop people. The metals are clean also. Overall tho it’s too weak.

6th – AK47 : Oh dear. The steady decline of the AK from cod4 to mw3 is all too apparent. Yeh it’s not that bad .  High in damage and carries that damage well. BUT it needs kick to be useable, meaning other profficiencies are useless. It fires too slow and has too much recoil ( granted most of which is visual) . Not bad but not great.

7th – CM901 : On paper looks like a SCAR or an ACR. It does have good damage  but it’s too slow with far too much recoil. A labour of love.

8th – M16A4 : Oh dear. It’s an m4 with seemingly more recoil and it’s slower and it’s NEVER a OHK. It’s just a pile of crap.

Lastly no I havent placed the m14 last. I just find it hard to place it as it’s a gun you can love or hate .Personally I like it but I can’t do well with it. I do see some people reeling havoc with it. High damage, very accurate but yes a single shot is fired. So you guys can place the m14 for yourseves. Is it first or 9th? If I had to place it I’d put it ahead of the cm901 but I know many would say it is the best.

Next time : SMG’s.



~ by richardpmurfin on April 24, 2012.

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