Top 5 healthiest foods/Wasted/Hunger Games

Apparently this is it :

Im on a health kick and was trying to find out. Interesting reading especially when Im looking for a stable food to lose weight. The first two are stupid as they are simply something you put on or cook food in. Lentils I cant be arsed with. Real yoghurt in Taiwan is rare but kimchi is a shock. I love that stuff. Didnt realise how heatlhy it was.
 Yesterday I watched the hunger games with Jody and Travis. Pretty solid although Id like to have seen more about the world they live and less about the makeup. I might even read the books now. We then tried not to get drunk but somehow ended up in Gies and got wasted on cheap ESB and London Pride and blah blah, I really dont want to go over it again as I feel guilty enough given my ‘healthy’ regime. Today I got back on track with a jog and a ham Subway sandwich. Ahh subway you are my only friend in these calorie counting days that lay ahead. We also watched Creation with Paul Bettany. Another great performance and a good film to boot. I played an hour or so of the new maps on cod and now im either gonna play Yakuza 4 or try and get back into where I was in Fallout 3 although it’s been a long time since I touched it.

~ by richardpmurfin on April 23, 2012.

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