Saturday/Capture the flag/Scottish Leader

21st April today. Last night Jody went out and I played a copious amount of call of duty with Chrisakacloud and some with Travis. My form wasnt ideal compared with last week. But the signal had a heavy presence. I cant how many times I was shooting guys and not even getting a hit marker. I have also been tinkering with the new maps but finding a game is hard. I did manage to go 34-1 on liberation a game which I would have got a MOAB easily. I wasnt even near getting killed by anyone until………………..a freaking support stealth  bomber!!!!! I know I am not the only one who hates these things. You run support to help your team. You run support because you cant put a good streak together. You run support because you die a lot! SO WHY can someone who goes like 14-29 still call in a deadly bomber. Especially on a level like Liberation which is open as hell. Stealth bombers are the bain of games like HQ where staying alive is the key. Wave after wave of ill deserved bombs crash over the level spoiling any skillfull move to take the bombsite . Same goes for modes like DOM/Demo.

Bought a bottle of Scottish leader scotch expecting is to be rough. Yet for 480 its a damn solid dram. Dark. Malty. Raisiny ( if thats a word ) . Great stuff.

My heathy lifestyle continues . I try to eat more cereal , no beer and healthy drinks during the week. It is now day 6 and I’m hoping it will start to pay off before the summer.

Currently listening to Heartbeats the knife . Reminds me of just before I got to Taiwan and when I just got there :


~ by richardpmurfin on April 21, 2012.

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