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Battle beside a downed Air Force One in “Black Box.” Multi-level homes overlook the neighboring streets, creating a deadly kill zone for players on the ground. With clear sight lines from house to house, however, snipers are far from safe, with counter-sniping an ever-present threat to their dominance. Those that prefer close-quarters combat can succeed in the tight confines of the crashed airplane or in hunting down enemies posted up within any of the surrounding homes.

Thats the official description . I’d say it was Estate meets Bailout with a hint of Afghan.

Feeling rough : No it’s not a hangover sort of a cold thingy. I dont feel dreadful just not great. It’s 1pm and I just drank a large coffee. I felt pretty ropey last night too so didnt play cod much. I did manage to find a few games on Elite. Black box isnt a bad level. It’s far too sniper friendly for my liking but if you skirt the level and play smart you can still do well on it. I think it could be a decent GW map. Overwatch is a great CTF level. Given the way its set out there are multiple routes to each flag and there is great scope for defending and attacking areas to achieve your goal. Air support on both maps are quite efffective given how open they are. Going back to Piazza and Liberation they are still decent maps which I havent played enough. Funnily enough whenever I do play Liberation I always do well. I think basically I had to learn the hard way how to get good at maps like Wasteland and Derail on mw2 after hours of futile attempts at running and gunning. In the end a cautious yet smart method of silenced stealth was my trick. Creep around the outside and surprise people at spawn or camping and pick them off. Liberation for me is a map that I seem to get very high scores in for this reason. Piazza is more of a lottery . I can do well then average given the higgledy piggledy nature of the level and the shifting spawns etc. I prefer it with set objectives like Sabo and CTF. Okay Im off to read Storm for swords.

Listening to Fin De Jours by Chicane right now :


~ by richardpmurfin on April 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sunday feeling a little rough / Black box / Coffee / Overwatch / Santuary / Foundation / MW3 / Storm for swords /”

  1. hey man im living in taiwan and i play cod mw3 pretty much avery dy lol…. plz let me know if you can buy elite in taiwan, since they told me that is not possible to have in this are.

    btw my account is set up in taiwan because if you put it somewhere else the lag is huge!!!!!

    plz let me know how you do it

    • Simple. Set up another account. I basically went on the internet found a random address in america ( as the dlc for elite works with the Taiwan version) . Lets say New york. Made up a USA account and joined Elite via that. I have a tw and a usa one. There arent many in Asia have Elite but its still worth having. You wont be put into American games so dont worry about the lag. Your still put into local lobbies. Thats it!

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