Teacher your hair is seldom

About to have a nice cup of breakfast tea at 10.30 pm is that bad? Oh crap no I’m not there isnt any milk.

One of the kids I teach said my hair was seldom today. I think he means I dont have much hair. Even tho I do it just sort of peaks at the front. Given how it is longer now tho it drags to the side when Im hot. I do wonder if I get it cut now whether it will look less dense on the frontal area. Ahh age. Every day I look to the mirror to see if I have gained a pound or lost a hair or two. It sometimes gets me down but it comes to us all. Indeed my lifestyle isnt conducive to how I look also. I work later and dont do enough exercise to keep me looking lean. I know If I was thinner with a tan and I got a haor cut and a shave suddenly id be ‘young’. Shame of it is one time I was young no matter how I dressed.

Probably get a few games of cap the flag later. If my good form continues Im sure to enjoy some healthy results. Last week I couldnt stand playing any game modes as my form was so shocking I could barely finish mid table.

For tea Jody made me some lovely tuna pesto pasta, and I now watch some Bruce Willis movie in which he has to protect some dude even tho he meant to be some two bit out of shape cop. Of course he will come thru tho because he is Bruce Willis.

I watched Wigan pull off a great result at Utd last night. Not only did they beat them but they thoroughly outplayed them. Utd barely had a chance and looked outnumbered and completely bereft of ideas. Id hardly say the league has opened up again but it certainly means its not as much of a sure thing anymore.

I think the black box map is out today . I will find out later when im on. Two new maps have hit the xbox lately …I wont see them for a month or so yet of course. Not that it matters as I cant play then given no one in Asia has the maps .

Picture is Sanctuary on mw3.  Started storm of swords today . Started how the last one ended . I am really enjoying these books and look forward to watching the HBO series as it’s released.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Teacher your hair is seldom”

  1. Maybe they meant your hair was seldom.. as in they seldom see hair as beastly as yours!

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