Afternoon jog / Home alone / Modern warfare 3 metals…

Going for a jog soon. Jody is heading out with her friends. I like no4 park when it’s cool. Great atmos and very nice place to exercise. I actually prefer it when its raining. Given Taiwanese people are scared of the rain I get the whole park to myself.

Home alone is on tv. Classic movie. Yet they never mention it should be an 18. Everytime the guy gets hit in the face I cringe. Terrifying stuff.

I have been varying up my assault rifles in mw3 as of late. The one thing that seems to be significant when running silenced is how clean the metals are on a gun. My personal fave is the weapon most people scorn for its metals. A gun im sort of obsessed by as of late . The G36C :

Doesnt get much cleaner than this. Like an enlarged UMP’s.

Later I intend to get some team tactical going. As for the new maps I havent played them at all as NO ONE in Asia has them.

Yesterdays trip to Gordon Biersch has created a humger for burgers. Im tempted to either get a bacon double from BK or indeed a quarter pounder from McDonalds. I am really enjoying Mcdonalds for the first time since perhaps I was a kid and was into Cappucino McDonuts ….( oh how I miss thee) .

I dont even think many countries do them anymore.

Why do christmas movies seem to have a better atmos when it’s not xmas . I think to myself Christmas is amazing . Everything about it is amazing. Yet when Christmas comes Im like meh.  The day I have a kid I am pretty sure the atmos will come flooding back.



~ by richardpmurfin on April 7, 2012.

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