The topsy turvy world of mw3 / Blackburn vs Man Utd / Suntory Premium malts / Elite maps mw3 / MOAB techniques …

Okay so playing modern warfare 3 to me is somewhat of an art form. I have days where I duck and dive and pinpoint shoot people. I feel fluid and masterful and everyone else seems to move in slow motion as I rack up the kills. Just two days ago I was potentially MOAB-ing ( sorry about creating a new verb for this sentence) in every game of CTF. I still failed for some reason….oh well I have a few. The point is I feel sharp and fresh. A day later I can join a game and flounder about. Raising my gun slowly and missing targets right in front of me. My friend Travis has just got the game and last night we got together and played some Sabo. I found instead of beign inspired into action many of the games we played I sort of shot at the wall. I dont know if its a mental thing , a physical thing. Somtimes my fingers dont feel so fast yet I do ok. Other time my brain feels out of gear yet I do ok . I think to Kick ass at the highest level. BOTH faculties have to be working in unison. Anyway , I’ll be on tonight and may go for a MOAB . Now that the Vault is working it’s actually worth trying for one. I just wish I could view previous ones.


After watching TmarTn’s video on youtube. I have decided to give the mp7 and m4 a retry. The m4 is as solid as ever and gives me an alternative to the acr for my stealth class. It’s a little quicker to fire and normally I dont run it for long distance combat. Before the stealth class was the ACR with two attachments , silencer and extended mags. Extended mags means that scavenger wasnt needed and I can run sleight of hand for theose moments when im in behind enemy lines and need the FMG 9’s quickly ( happens more than you think) . The trouble I got into was that despite the ACR’s steady action and recoil. I was still coming up short . Given the slow fire of the acr and the fact that no kick meant it was missing targets at distance and not enough bullets were catching the opponent and medium to far distance.The answer is to use kick to cope with medium and long range combat, or indeed use stability. SO instead of running the acr with silencer and kick which is what I run on the other class ( with scavenger for those streaks) , I am running the m4 carbine silenced with kick , sleight of hand , assassin and steady aim. Its a solid running around class. It isnt as good for taking out longer targets like the ACR marksman class. Nor is it as mobile as my MP7 class , in which I run extreme conditioning/assassin/sitrep  with 2 attachments ( silenced / extended mag) . But it’s sort of in between. A good all round class for silent killing. It does require that I nab a gun here or there to carry on any streaks. The mp7 classes I mentioned are very refreshing. I still have those ‘why didnt the gun just aim at him’ moment. But the mp7 is the answer to the need of a class that can work on smaller and larger levels. My ranger class enables me to get around the level quickly and silently. Pick off people accurately behind enemy lines and then get away before they realise. Levels like Village are prime MOAB levels with this technique. Get around the back. Pick off one or two. Move away from the area and approach from a different part. Rinse and repeat. My other Mp7 class is more transparent. MP7 silenced with range. Sleight of hand , assassin and Steady aim.Anyway enough call of duty for now.



Blackburn just lost to Man Utd pretty much giving the title to Utd. Was a decent match and Blackburn played well until Valencia’s fizzing effort from an acute angle. Yougn wrapped it up late on. Never thought I’d say this but I’m glad. I just did not want City to win the league.

They have started selling Suntory Premium Malt’s in the Family Mart. Good solid stuff and a nice 5.5 %. Reminds me of Yakuza 4 ( still havent played it enough) . Bumming around the city going into M mart and virtually drinking Suntory.

Tonight I reckon its cap the flag. Well I cant play elites new maps can I ? NO ONE IN ASIA HAS IT 😦 .


~ by richardpmurfin on April 3, 2012.

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