MP 7 Silenced …..Almost MOAB ……Tuesday…….. MOD NAT problems…Subway sandwiches

My MOD has made my connection better but also restricted. I can’t connect to games even in Japan. When I join lobbies with Chris it throws me into a Euro lobby. Anyway never mind. My form has picked up and as the title suggest I have a new appreciation for the mp7 silenced ( a gun that rarely agrees with me ) . Running around I wasnt far away from another MOAB ( not that I have had many) .My form picked up and I basically couldnt lose. I know how well I am playing because I bump into a few high end gamers in CTF and Sabo. In Sabo , players called Lux Lure and Reee_me ( not sure of spelling) . In CTF a player called Weles Ocelot. These players tear me a new one if I’m playing badly and If I’m playing well I am able to gun them down.

Tuesday today and the weather has been nice of late. Sort of warm and pleasant. I like this weather . It’s when it becomes obscenely hot when I hate it. Watching a rerun of the game I couldnt watch last night . Man Utd v Fulham. Seems Rooney dragged Man Utd’s sorry ass out of the fire again with a strike. Man Utd now lead thea league from CIty by 3 and I can’t say I’m sorry. I just dont like Man City. I don’t like the way they have bought success. I don’t like the players . I just don’t like them.

Subway sandwiches has opened up in Nanshijao . I frequent it quite a lot . I had to develop my sandwich choice as I wasnt getting my moneys worth. My new order is this :

Parmesan Organo bread + Filling ( tuna or turkey maybe)

Double Cheese

NOT toasted ( why waste good soft bread, you toast OLD bread)

No tomato , cucumber or lettuce ( lettuce drowns the flavour in soggy water, cucumber is horrid, tomato …meh)

SO that’s stuff like pepper , olives , onion, gerkin.

Honey Mustard and Mayonnaise ( american not taiwan )

Salt and Pepper.


It’s worth saying my one time favourite meatball has been bizzarely changed to chicken meatball for some reason ( apparently not in the uk tho??) . The result is a bad sandwich. The meatballs ……well dont taste like meat anymore. Also the once much vaunted Subber has declined to the point where im not sure it still exist. Maybe there is still one in Tienmu. Once Subber for me was the Pinnacle of sandwiches in Taiwan. It outgunned Subway on the amount. The selection and indeed value. IF they still exist maybe they still do the German Sausage one Gareth liked or indeed old style meatballs.

We were gonna do the Yalitori thing last weekend but Jody wasnt feeling to well. I reckon we might just do it this weekend. When the weather is pleasant sitting outside drinking ice cold beer and eating skewered meat is basically the best way for me to relax after work :

Yakitori (焼き鳥/やきとり/ヤキトリ?), grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken. The term “Yakitori” can also refer to skewered food in general. Kushiyaki (skewer grilled), is a formal term that encompasses both poultry and non-poultry items, skewered and grilled. Both Yakitori and Kushiyaki mean the same, so the terms are used interchangeably in Japanese society.

The average yakitori is made from several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat, or chicken offal, skewered on a bamboo skewer and grilled, usually over charcoal.

Diners ordering yakitori usually have a choice of having it cooked with salt (shio) or with tare sauce, which is generally made up of mirin, sake, soy sauce and sugar. The sauce is applied to the skewered meat and is grilled until delicately cooked.

Given my new MOD and HD quality tv. It also means sitting at home is no longer a sad experience. It wasnt long ago I’d have to sit and watch crap quality tv on an old box tv. In Chinese. After I grab my HD cable , I will have ESPN HD , full commentary and a plethora of Premier league and NHL games. I’m also partial to a bit of golf late at night in HD to relax.

Update : I found a youtube vid from March this year and the guy was in Subber. SO it still exists. I wont leave the link as the guy is an idiot. Typical foreigner with an OTT attitude. Who confuses being loud for being funny.


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