BBC / ITV / ESPN HD / EPL / MOD / HDMI / PS3 …….

The MOD isnt great for movies. It mainly asks you to pay for even the crappest oldies. It does have random British tv tho. Some of which arent bad actually. It does make me remember how different England is. The accents. The scenes, the lingo. Watched midsummer murders of all things yesterday.

Watched 3 games on ESPN HD last night. quality is very good. Much better than the previous package. I might get hold of an HDMI cable to see if it improves.

Before my marathon footy session. I played some cap the flag and sabo. My form has returned ( ish) . I set out new classes . Rethought my ideas. Took a breath went at it. Probably get on tonight . Fancy some team tactical. Got a good bunch of ‘mates’ online. An honourable mention for Chris too. Who’s form has wetted the appetite of Machinima who may look to recruit such an up and coming talent. As well as wetted the underwear of many opponents…….lastly wetting the garments of many a good maid.


~ by richardpmurfin on March 25, 2012.

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