Harry Potter is on tv 7 days a week/New maps on mw3 PS3 early idea’s and opinions


Yeh it’s Harry Potter season on HBO Asia apparently. Given the last one is due on tv soon. I always think about doing a marathon of Harry Potters. But then I think of the Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes man’. And I realise its a little geeky to even consider it.  Good movies for me are hard to come by as of late. Indeed the last movie I really wanted to see at the pics was the last Harry Potter. Limitless was a great movie as was inception , but rewatcheability is a factor I never consider until the movie is on tv and Im like ‘meh’. It happened with Shutter island and Inception  both of which is enjoyed  the second time a bit but not as much as I thought I would.


The new maps are in constant rotation so Im almost getting  a little sick of them heh. I like the fact that there are objective game modes is good and the inclusion of Sabo is espeically good. Why they left out S and D I just dont know.Lastly not being able to get a good signal is beginning to p*** me off!


Piazza ( above )

This map offers extreme action. Out and out running and gunning. There are many opportunities to sneak up and surprise whole teams of enemies. Also a good chance to peep over walls and ledges and take people by surpise. I also recommend the gun of choice to be silenced as the minute your gun is visible the opponent is never far away.

I recommend 

UMP Silenced/Extended mags



Blind eye


Dead Silence.




Recon plane

Normally Id not run a stinger or blind eye on an smg. But given the level is new I am seeing a lot of uavs and support users. I need to be ready to drop uavs and protect myself from the air also. This class is an amalgam of my old pp90m1 class and my ump assassin class. It manages to be protected from the air and run around off the grid. Support means I can pick up points even of I’m killed a lot.


Liberation ( above)

Big level. I originally thought it was made to quench the snipers’ thirst as I know they are hankering for a map like this. Not Surprisingly snipers are aplenty on this level. Surprisingly however it’s not that great for sniping. The large open space in true MW3 style of broken up via cars, hills, gazebo’s and well anything else that ca nbe piled up. The level offers neither the tranqility of wasteland or the satisfaction of say derail. There are no powerpoints ( good some might say) and the fight seems to be drawn to the dry stream. Indeed in the last few games ive played I have picked up maybe 60% of my kills in and around here. It isn’t a bad map for S and D ( only on HC for some reason) . But in general it has too many deadzones and the colouring makes it difficult to see at times and just plain hardwork. All too often the games in tdm are over via the time not score. I recommend marksman for this level.

I recommend

Silenced ACR/G36C

Stinger/FMG9’s ( depending on whether you like to take down opponents uavs etc)


Portable radar

Blind eye/Sleight of hand ( like the mw2 levels there will be a lot of uavs and planes )







When the levels are new low killstreaks are probably a better idea for now.



~ by richardpmurfin on March 1, 2012.

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