Changed already. The day after I tried to play with the m16A4 in a decent lobby and i was so bad. Indeed Americans were ripping me. Suffice to say I donned my m4 with a similar class and went to town on them.

New class :

M4A1 red dot OR extended.

Impact ( FMJ or Deep impact in mw2 and cod4 respectively)




FMG9 akimbo.


Support : UAV/SAM/Recon plane.


After using the m16 the m4 just feels beaslty . I can burst fire if I choose but can hold the fire button on. I also find the m4 has only moderate recoil so impact can be used over kick. I had to empty my silenced UMP class to put this one in , but for me its a little like an smg class. It feels more controllable close up than other AR classes , and indeed It doesnt feel too clunky on smaller levels. Support means death isnt really an issue. It will never really replace an smg but sort of covers the gap between AR and SMG. I just wish I had 7 slots to put my UMP silenced back in.


~ by richardpmurfin on February 26, 2012.

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