MMw3 levelled the playing field for most weapons and it is hard to say if there are any poor guns. The Pm-9 is one I’d say. As well as the darling of cod4 the m16a4. Three bursts without stopping power now means a one hit kill (OHK) is not guranteed. The gun itself looks fine and technically it deals out good damage. It just isnt that effective. That said I spent a good 3 hours last night using it. My theory is if your not gonna guarantee high kills then use it to your advantage. I have been running it with a pm9 as secondary and sort of running around like I have overkill. The mp9 does the close range stuff and the m16 does the moderate to distant stuff. I also run sleight of hand , assassin and stalker with it. I was thinking of marksman which seems decent , but given the clunky feel of the m16 in this I want it to me as manouverable as possible.


Here is my set up with this difficult gun :

m16a4 Holographic/Rapid fire ( 2 attachments)

Sleight of hand



mp9 Extended mags.

2 concussion grenades


In larger maps I was doing ok tbh. You just have to sort of work out the guns foibles and indeed expect to have trouble with OHK foes who should die. Also It’s not a good gun silenced so the techniques Id usually employ on say Village couldnt be used as I normally stealth it up. Because I was running The Support Package , which is a Strike Chain featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Unlike the other two Strike Packages, a player’s streak does not end when the player is killed and points from Strike Chain rewards in this Strike Package do not add to the player’s pointstreak.[1] This Strike Package is geared towards players who support and play as a team. Granted I didnt get any pavelows but it was good knowing my limitations with the m16. With it I ran UAV , SAM Turret and the Recon Drone. The recon drone was my saviour gathering up heavy extra points on larger maps , and because I was playing capture the flag, the respawns were instantaneous , allowing me to tag the same guys like 3 times and cash in.

I am now eating a bacon sarnie made by Jody. Not like yesterdays debacle. Im left to mull as to why Infinity Ward removed Mosh pit. If they are going to rotate the two maps like mosh pit then ok. But please bring it back after.

Footy : Chelsea are back on track with a win at Bolton. Man City eased past Blackburn.

Tonight we head to Civic Boulevard via the Belgian cafe. Wonder if I should go for a jog first to eleviate the guilt of drinking?


~ by richardpmurfin on February 26, 2012.

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