Peace Holiday!

Went for a jog. Got soaked. Came in and made some chicken burgers honey mustard sauce. They tasted like hot bits of carboard with crap quality mustard on. Tried a new brand of decaf coffee, was horrid weak crap and it has left me with a headache. Im glad Jody makes my meals normally , and I didnt realise how much I missed Bernard Mathew.

 Yesterday we chilled out in a park and drank Japanese lager. Jody is currently out eating hot pot ( and drinking now I reckon) and I am watching a footy preview of the coming games. I have been playing ps3 on and off all day and might drink some Heinee later. I do have heartburn however. I am a little angry at IW taking out mosh pit. My favourite game mode removed? What a shock. I think they read my blog and want to piss me off.


~ by richardpmurfin on February 25, 2012.

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