Man it sure is raining…

Off to work soon. It’s a very wet Thursday. You can buy 2 Longchuans for 71nt at the local Family Mart. Went for a jog with Jody last night in no4 park In Yong he. When we got back I had a mountain of lu wei. Been eating a lot of quarter pounders ( new to Taiwan) . Arsenal got beat off Sunderland AND Milan to lose in the FA and European cup. Coffee tastes good. It’s 2/28 this weekend so we get four days off. My Arsenal top is so old the letters have fallen off. Nearly got a MOAB in mw3. The G36C is very underated in MW3. FB are forcing people to accept the timeline variant by not letting you go back. Watched half a Reese Witherspoon movie last night. Getting sick of Linsanity. Finished Game of Thrones. Started the ‘bookmans promise’. Eagerly anticipating the new book and new series in April. Okay thats enough randomness now!


~ by richardpmurfin on February 23, 2012.

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