Five reasons to visit Taiwan

Okay so this wont be a predictable list that most people can google up in two seconds to find the pleasures of our quaint little island off the coast of China. The 101 WONT be on the list. Granted it’s cool and yeh it’s tall. But in my opinion every country has tall buildings. The fact that this one is taller is negligable.

Sadly the 101 doesn’t appear in my list.

Here it is NOT in order :

1) The people : What can I say. They are just nice people. This sums them up. If I go into a store and speak in English to a clerk they actually smile and apologise that they don’t speak English. Then they accomodate you as best as possible. In most countries if you went into a convenience store and spoke a foreign language they would look at you like your mad and ask you to speak the right language.

2) The food & drink. Taiwan is in the lucky situation geographically and culturally ( more on that later) that it can embrace all of Asia’s best goods. The food in Taiwan ranges from local delicacies like Stinky Tofu to mainland Chinese food right down to delicious Thai and Japanese food. While I wont profess to like the more obscure local food in Taiwan ( entrails and chicken feet spring to mind). It does do very good food at a very affordable price. Thai food is also cost free and delicious. It’s Taiwan’s obsession with Japan that benefits me the most. Tepenyaki , sushi and Yakitori are just some of the Japanese food that is freely available here.  Taiwan beer is a local brew that was built for the delicious local Taiwan food. That combined with the accessibilityof Japanese lagers such as Asahi and Kirin and you find that the beer selection in Taiwan is pretty diverse.

3)  The culture : Taiwan has been accused of racing into the new millenia far too fast , at the expense of it’s culture. I dont think thats true. I think Taiwan has developed it’s own culture rather rapidly. China’s history with Taiwan ensures it has a lot of Chinese history. Yet it borrows enough from Japan to give it a slightly different look and feel to China. Taiwans major cities are very metropolitan for sure but around the island there are some older style cities that bear a large resemblance with old China.

4) The convenience : Okay. It seems silly to travel the world just to appreciate the convenience of Taiwans stores. But it really is convenient. People may tell you there is a seven eleven every 50 yards and you’d probably take that with a pinch of salt. But guess what? There are 7-11’s every 50 yards. That and Family Marts , OK marts and Hi-life.  Need a beer after the pub shuts? Get to 7-11 and back in 5 mins. Late night snack?………7-11 is fully stocked 24-7 with everything you could ever want.

5) The nightmarkets : This is perhaps the first thing people experience the first night they land in Taiwan. Bright lights light the way deep into the night. Smells and sounds hit you the minute you enter a night market. Hawkers shout and clap to sell you their wares. Every type of food is available in the night market , from candied tomatoes , skewered meats, Spicy duckblood right down to the mundane like grilled corn and sandwiches. Nightmarkets also sell cheap clothes, toys and many even offer fun family games like Pachinko and duck shoots. Nightmarkets are also open from early evening to right into the night so whenever the mood hits you there will be a chance to experience these wonderful places for as long as you desire.


~ by richardpmurfin on February 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Five reasons to visit Taiwan”

  1. haha~three of the reasons are about the food, this includes your beer…haha…actually, I love the food in tw , too…! And my favorite food is my mom’s cooking~

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