Yakuza 4….The end of a long week!

This weeks entry is very random as I have just woken …forgive me

It’s been a heavy week. Wednesday and Friday were loooong days at Yoyo. As of this week tho I have a sort of part time coworker to ease the burden. I have also got my favourite class back ( E21) . Next week I’m looking at a lighter schedule and a more chilled out environment for me ( time to plan etc) . My skin also took a battering so hopefully that will clear also. It’s now 1.10 in the after hitman is on tv and there is a cold chill running thru the house from the balcony.
My dad sent me Yakuza 4 in the post. Man this game is fun. Putting aside time for it after cod is tricky but this game is worth it.
Okay so here’s my sort of little review :
The game itself is sort of a GTA in Japan. The graphics if I’m honest are not as good and the city isnt as large. That said it has a great atmosphere. To say it’s similar to Taiwan is an understatement. The M shops are basically Family Marts. Selling Ramen, sushi triangles and even Suntory Premium Malts. You can compete in a plethora of sub games. Including : Pachinko , Baseball, poker and some other random stuff in hostess bars. The combat is decent but can be repetitive but you can buy upgrades for your character to make him more badass . There is a lot of text to wade thru when your following the story but the atmos and sub games make up for it. Overall the Japanese/Asia feel of the game makes it a very cool game to play when having a Suntory or a glass of scotch at the end of the day. For a real review of Yakuza 4 look at this gamespot link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h3SJYk-PVI
DONT look a the IGN which like many games has been contaminated by biase Im sure.
Back to reality. We will have dinner at Jody’s tomorrow and today Im not sure. We were supposed to go to watch my student play hockey at the arena but it’s at 11pm! Given there is no guarantee how long the game is ( could be like 30 mins) I cant see it being worth it. When I woke up this morning I was so glad it was the weekend I cant say. For that reason I might even avoid alcohol tonight just to get that fresh feeling tomorrow …..although I have a hankering for Yakitori! To quote Yakuza 4 “hey lets go for a sushi ball in that convenience store over there…..” “no I can’t I’m tired after watching a foreign series on dvd all night….”.


~ by richardpmurfin on February 18, 2012.

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