Lasagne at good day cafe , leading to Sherlock Holmes , leading to Belgian beer , leading to Yakitori ….all In all a good night!

Yeh was a good Saturday. I didnt wake up with a hangover also weee. Today we walked around Gongguan for a bit and I picked up Game of Thrones in softback for 120nt.

I plan to run in a bit and then get back and have a Chicken Dupiaza made by Jodie. I will also share the night between some mw3 and my new book. My form in COD has been very good and I hope it continues although after not playing for a couple of days it takes an hour or two to get back to the top. I was gonna try and get another MOAB but it’s a slippery slope working for moabs or nukes , frustration kicks in quick and it can make you a very negative player . Because of this I reckon I’ll just play normally . If I get one I get one etc.

This new book has got me excited despite the fact that I have seen pretty much all the first series. Indeed the fact that I have seen it already could be a good thing. Gives me a great opportunity to sort of picture who people are as well as picture the environment etc.

One last gripe. We tried to have a coffee in Barista but it was full of people using laptops. Every table was busy ( and we went back twice) with people literally reading or searching the web. NOT one cup was full , all were at least an hour old and there literally no converation at all. 100 yards away was an 85 degrees take away store in which the queue was massive for the whole time we were in Gongguan. Which one do you think is more successful in Taiwan? Until places like Starbucks and Barista limit the time people spend doing nothing/sleeping/studying/enjoying the AC . They will never be able to maximise profit. Dont get me wrong I agree you should be able to relax for an hour or two. But when I have hard earned cash waiting to be spent in Barista I dont see why a student who bought a small latte 7 hours earlier should get priority. They should say after 2 hours if you arent buying you have to leave!


~ by richardpmurfin on January 15, 2012.

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