Team Tactical or Mosh Pit?…. MW3’s many great game modes!

When I’m not playing Sabotage obsessively. I have recently turned my hand back to variety game modes. Initially I was mainly into Mosh. I have posted about mosh before a lot. It caters for up to 6 players and covers all objective based games ( except sabo as it’s too large I assume) . Great if you have a team of guys waiting to kick ass. It doesnt however have Kill confirmed and Team Death Match. To be fair I have harked on about my hatred of TDM many a time in the past. But if you have just 3-4 guys on your team ( max 4v4 in Team tac) it can be an enjoyable mode. It no longer becomes ‘find the spawn’ , because the players are spread out across the level. Imagine 8 players spread evenly across even a smaller level like Arkaaden. The will pop up and appear all over, making for a frantic dash and tactical hunt for opponents. It can however put pressure on the thumb due to excessive running heh. KC is also the same , it has a different dynamic than in the larger version and becomes more tactical IMO. Some levels are a little too big for team tactical however and it can become a chore. Search and Destroy is the one game mode that comes into it’s own in Team Tac though. The smaller teams and levels give a great balance of running , hiding and indeed searching. Larger games of search ensure ( for me at least) that any positive movement is removed because ANY path or route beyond the spawn is being watched. With 4 players if you decide to go for it and get to a bomb or an alley perhaps a little far from your spawn your not punished everytime and indeed will only meet one opponent as opposed to say 2-3. I have also had a lot of luck on levels that traditionally I havent been good at. Seatown S and D used to get me angry but as of later on smaller games I have often gone 9-1 or 15-2 and Im not a particularly good S and D player. The moral of the story? If you dont like some dedicated game modes but like to play them then try team tac. It also gives you and some mates a great chance to work closely as opposed to having a couple of mates and a random tagging along. Indeed if your lucky enough and can get 8 people you can get 4v4 going with JUST mates and your getting XP sweet!

Team tactical is available in advanced game modes it is a small team based lobby (4 vs 4) consisting of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Demolition, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, and Kill Confirmed.

The one downside ( along with the tedious search on larger maps ) is that Demo and Dom can be a big ask . Imagine 3 flags and four people , the game is more about running to a flag than killing. There is no opportunity to guard a flag as your needed at the next one to reclaim or to prevent a flag being , it could be deemed it stops camping but its also a little frantic. Similarly trying to take the bombsite in demo is impossible unless you work as a team ( duhh yeh I know team tactical is the name ) . But that becomes a lot harder without Mics. It’s also very difficult to defend two bombs with four and even harder to plant with one bombsite. One flaw of demo I have never understood is that the attackers are spawned miles from the last bomb but the defenders appear right back next to it. Meaning your killed and have to waste 3o seconds to get back . Yet if your attacking and you kill a defender he appears right next to you for a second chance. I think both teams should spawn equally far from the site. This was an error I saw in Mw2 which in my opinion they should address.Demo can for me be the most depressing game mode . I remember the one time I really had had enough of cod was a game of Demo on Quarry in mw2 I was killed for the 10th time in the game and began the race down the bank to get back to the bomb site. I put the pad down and sighed ‘what am i doing here this is awful’ was my thought. I then put mw2 away for 6 weeks and played Killzone and fallout 3 relgiously for a good period only to start mw2 again in preperation for mw3. I don’t regret the break it gave me a chance to see if I was playing modern warfare for the sake of it or indeed because I wanted too. It took a good five weeks to get the cravings back and I’m sure it wont be the last time I break from it. One word of warning though. When you go back it’s hard work for like 3days. I was getting motion sickness the first day back . The players seemed to jerk around and everything was too fast. I had to bring my sensitivity down from 6 to like 3 heh.


Yeh I mentioned this before but it’s worth saying again as Im happy with it. No I’m not one of these guys that casually talks about how easy MW3 is and a MOAB is easy etc. I realise the majority of the population DONT find the game too easy ( me included ) and MOABS are certainly not easy. Anyone who watches youtube knows that the usual gamers on there are not average players. Indeed the game they have uploaded is NOT an average game , its invariably a lucky game. How do I know this ? Because everytime they pull out a Pavelow it goes to town. Every time they set up their class they are running hardline . If I start a game even against nubs with hardline a support UAV is called in and 4 guys run after me. I run Pred / Chopper / Pave on my M4 marksman class and the minute I call it in ( and I get at least one a game ) it’s railed by some guy with Stingers or a couple of SAM turrets at the base of the level. This is not me being negative , I actually embrace enemy defense and players working as a team. Gone are the days of 44 kill streaks 50% of which being with the Chopper gunner heh. Anyway the MOAB was on Fallen and I didnt even know I had it until it happened. I previous MOABS I have scraped it being aware it was coming . This one I was running around in the enemy spawn on CTF and picked up an LMG and was going to town and ‘bleep bleep’ veeery satsifying.

Tips on classes : Most of my tips I could give are pretty intangible in that it’s hard to explain them. Or they are obvious like run akimbo on secondaries. I will say that extended mags are far more useful in mw3 than in mw2. They not only give you more bullets but they give you more ammo. Given that Scavenger has been nerfed beyond belief using this means there is no really no need at all for it. If you run an assault rifle then you get two more magazines with it basically giving you scavenger without using a perk. If your one of those guys who really needs a red dot or silencer then you can use two attachments. If you run a gun with lower recoil like the SCAR or the ACR you could run two attachments and still get more mags . Eg extended mags and silencer on the ACR means you get relatively low recoil and can go hunting off the grid.  And stay alive longer without running out of ammo. Alternatively an SMG class could be the MP7 with extended and red dot . That would ensure a stupidly big clip and high accuracy (the mp7 has low recoil even without kick). Personally I run the profficiency ‘range’ on the mp7 as it seems to fail at anything over 10 yards. The most obvious tip is to recommend what everyone says but it’s true. Go with what is good for you. Just because everyone else uses the mp7 or the p990m1 doesnt mean it works for you. I personally cant stand the metal stump on the  mp7 and need to use it with red dot. Bear in mind the size of the levels however . If you find yourself getting owned on smaller levels and your running an assault rifle it’s probably because the raise time or the hip fire of the AR is to slow and clunky and innacurate . One great move in mw3 is the fact that assault rifles no longer seem to kill like smg’s . I could run an assault rifle on Terminal and kill easily. Now If I run an m4 on say Bootleg I’m mauled my UMP’s and P90’s. Larger levels often still entail a lot of close quarter action, so you can get away with an SMG on a bigger level I think ( mw3 caters to the run and gunner more than mw2 ) . The lack of long lines of sight means smg users can revel in most situations. That said if you find yourself getting railed from far away , try an assault rifle. Dont be afraid to use Marksman. No it’s not just for snipers it picks out players from a distance. Think about your role in the game before you choose. For example on Resistance when Im defending a bomb lets say on Demo . I’ll opt for an assault class so I can pick off runners before they get close. Heck if im being honest I always pack an AR on Resistance . It’s the one level in the game where I camp my ass off . I have to or if I run and gun on this level I get raped.

Current Fave classes

It took me a while to oust my ACR class as my fave for distance. But as I have an ACR class for S and D I thought why not have 6 weapons for 6 classes ( Elite gave me a token so I used it for a class) .  My fave classes are :



FMG9 Akimbo

Sleight of hand pro

Assassin pro

Sit Rep pro





Glock 18’s Akimbo

Sleight of hand pro

Assassin pro

Steady aim pro

Care package/Pred/Chopper


M4 Carbine

Extended mags

FMG9 Akimbo

Sleight of hand pro

Assassin pro

Marksman pro




It’s Saturday and I’m off to walk around taipei with Jody. It seems sureal to talk about normal stuff on here but that’s why I made this blog originally to talk about life. It started with ‘I just ate subway and went to work’ now it’s all ‘I played sabo and used the m4 carbine’ heh. Tonight we will probably stay close to home and have some beer around Yong he. I do feel guilty as I didnt run this week due to being ill on Wednesday and Thursday. My Winter Schedule starts next week before Chinese New Year so I have some heavy days teaching.


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One Response to “Team Tactical or Mosh Pit?…. MW3’s many great game modes!”

  1. Mosh pit has been removed now from mw3. Typical my fave game mode taken out for what? If they are to put in the new maps in rotation why cant they keep the mosh pit in?

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