New game mode Mw3/Game mode dlc/Ideas for mw3 game modes….

Okay this is not factual . It’s not a preview of DLC. Neither is it ever gonna happen. But the community game modes gave me an idea. Wouldnt it be great to have more single life style games. More games that are sort of tense and sudden death style. For me S & D is decent but I’d like to see a mode that has but one life but no need to go for a specific area. Because the target is always there it means routes and spawns can be predicted too easily. My idea is this :



Two teams each with say 4-6 players each. Five rounds in total and each player has one life per round ( like S and D ) . This is the twist. Each round that starts one team has an assassination target. So team B must kill a player on team A chosen randomly. If team B kills the player the round is over no matter what else happens. If the defending team ( A) kills all the attackers then the round is over. If the time runs out ( lets say 2 mins 30) then the round goes to the defenders. The rounds go back and forth until round five which is the deciding round. If one team wins 3-0 rounds then its over as its best of 5. The last round can be chosen randomly to be fair. I’d play it!

Lastly I do realise that Killzone 3 had an assassin mode and this idea was heavily influenced by this. In KZ because it was put into a larger game mode it was done on a timer which worked nicely.



~ by richardpmurfin on January 12, 2012.

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