Jon Hopkins & the Manchester derby

Really into the music of Jon Hopkins. Namely the album Opalescent :


In 1999 Hopkins signed with boutique London label Just Music as a solo artist, and began recording his debut album Opalescent. At the time he was also working part-time as a studio session musician.[10][15] Opalescent attracted positive press attention upon its release, and several tracks were licensed to Sex and the City.[11]

The Guardian reviewed it as “Opalescent is a beautifully realized debut. Using synth oozes, phased and echoed guitars and pianos and chilled beats, his wonderful tunes drift from calm to eerie power like a restless sea. It will delight any lovers of beautiful music.” DJ Magazine gave it 4/5 stars, and stated “Piano, guitar strings and slow beats blend like the clouds at sunset (or an opiate smoothy) filtering in and out like elegantly wasted beauty. Darker drums add a further depth.”[16]

Im watching an enthralling Manchester game which is 3-2 to United so far. Rooney has scored a brace . Kompany has been sent off and Scholes as back on the pitch after retiring. What a game.


~ by richardpmurfin on January 8, 2012.

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