Friday 11.24pm 6th December…….

Van Helsing is on tv. I’m taking a break between games of team tactical. After work me and Jody had stir fry and some large bottles of Taiwan beer. Jody went to Revolver with Chichi and I had a very talkative taxi driver on the way home, some talkative that he actually went past my home by a good few hundred yards. I had a bag of the new pretzel M & M’s and a Wincafe x2 and now I’m geeing myself up for some more team tactical. It’s Jody’s dad’s birthday tomorrow and we are going to some SPA place although I wont go in as I think they are a bit crap and boring. We will have dinner in Ilan and then return to the tav to meet Bill. It’s been a whole year since the last HESS do. What a difference a year makes , man that place was shite. I thank every day Im not at Hess, the most depressing , overworking , overbearing , crappy school ever.

Hess teachers don’t really inspire children more like punish them with tons of homework and basically make their lives hell.


~ by richardpmurfin on January 6, 2012.

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