Capture the flag

Not the most glamorous of game modes but jolly good fun. Play it at your own pace. Camp by the flag or indeed run around like a damned idiot. I highly recommend this game mode in mw3.

Goldeneye was the 007 Bond tonight and it’s already crept up to the Brosnan days. Indeed 95 was the year I started college ….seems like just yesterday.

Finished my bottle of Ballantines and will have to dash out for a little bottle of something in an hour or so.

Work today was ok. Brian my private student brought me lunch which was fantastic of him. I also convinced Dump truck and Daniel that my watch was a bomb. Friday we will have a little gift exchange and I have bagged two christmas packs full of sugar basically ( Mrs fields cookies/marshmallows and sherbet) . Some kid will be jibbering in the corner after finishing that lot.

Anyway merry Christmas everyone!




~ by richardpmurfin on December 22, 2011.

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