Coffee in Taipei

I know Ive said it before but im addicted to Barista coffee, I need help , man its good !!. Taipei is victim ( like every other country ) to the obvious and most popular brands who overfill and dilute the market with poor quality, generic yet well marketed products . Mcdonalds and Starbucks to name a few, Barista is a direct competitor with starbucks and I know it’l never topple the competitor , yet in my book it deserves an award for having the balls to compete and come out trumps with better coffee , FREE wifi , better cakes/snacks ( even a mean mexican lasagne) and a more condusive   environment. I only wish there was more of them. So here is one more entry about coffee and indeed probably not the last entry about Barista.
Okay so this is a rehash of a previous entry but it still rings true! Also As I’m drinking Barista beans from RT mart I figured it was still suitable.
Bucks have launched their annual Christmas coffee this year in Taiwan and kept the overly sweet slighlty unimpressive toffee nut latte on for one more year. The Dark cherry mocha has been replaced by a white chocolate cranberry latte ….and it’s ok. The cafe noir from Barista is actually better even though it’s just black coffee with syrup heh. I normally look forward to the Christmas drinks but seeing as they arent putting any effort in anymore I have sort of lost interest. I remember a few years back they had an orange option, a cinnamon one and others.
McDonalds coffee once voted ‘better than starbucks’ has fallen by the way side also . It’s weak and unimpressive and you have to PAY for refills now.
85 Degrees
85 has set the standard for smaller coffee/cake shops, indeed it has spawned a ton of ‘me too’ outfits such as Diamond and Cafe8. It has recently changed its sizes to accomodate anyone who doesnt want extra small. That said they are moving into Starbucks territory with the large. Indeed who needs to drink a pint of coffee?
This is a new chain of coffee which is spreading quickly. It’s selling point is a sort of rustic look with few seats but a cool environment and very good coffee. The smell is enticing. They have branches all over Taipei City now and one near my school on Nanjing East road.
Mr Browns is the same as ever. Pretty good atmos but generic coffee, (  have to love the little guy tho ) . They did release a new shop version recently in bottles. City Cafe by 7-11 continues to impress on the price and cost front. Indeed I wonder when they will actually open a City Cafe in Taipei. Other pretenders to the casual coffee crown are E-Coffee , It’s Coffee and Dante’s ….the latter being an awful coffee who’s market plan is to open up 100 yards from Bucks and hope to take the cheapskate customers or the run off.

~ by richardpmurfin on December 20, 2011.

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  1. should start taking pictures

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