Christmas is almost upon us….

Nearly there. Although I do fear an anti-climax given we dont get any holidays. We have a few days to order our turkey from gies also. I think we’ll do some last minute shopping at RT mart before the weekend to get veggie etc . We will still make a rare go of the xmas weekend. Ideally I’d like Monday off also.

Arsenal were downed after a valiant display against City. Newcastle’s early season form has tailed off as they were held at Swansea of all people. I played the wonderful game mode Sabotage for a couple of hours and despite yesterdays rotter of a hangover I had some Ballantine 12 year old . Very good blend If I do say so.

This week we intend to get into the winter atmos by hiring game of thrones from blockbuster and watching it from the start. Yesterday I had pizza for the first time in weeks . A bogoff from Pizza Hut. Chicken and mushroom and a supreme. Im back into coffee big style we got a huge bag of Barista beans from RT , very tasty.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 19, 2011.

One Response to “Christmas is almost upon us….”

  1. i’ll do some shopping too

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