SMG/AR’s MW3 basic review/mw3 gun review….my opinions NOT fact ;)

SMG                          Recoil     Feel     Metal sights    ROF          Accuracy   Total

P90                             3.5/5      3/5             4/5            4/5          3.5/5     18/25

PP90M1                         4/5          3.5/5          5/5           5/5           4/5    21.5/25

UMP                            4/5          4/5             4/5        3/5           4/5       19.5/25

MP5                             3/5          4/5             3.5/5       4/5          3.5/5     18/25

MP7                             5/5           4/5             2/5           4/5        5/5         20/25

PM9                             2.5/5       3/5            3.5/5         4/5        3/5        16/25

Highly unscientific but many of the attributes that a gun possess’ are intangible in my opinion namely feel and metals. Many people can dislike or like a gun for either of those reasons. Indeed I like the UMP because it has a good feel, yet I like the metals far more on the pm90m1. The mp7 is a great gun but has a horrid metal stump for its metals.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 15, 2011.

One Response to “SMG/AR’s MW3 basic review/mw3 gun review….my opinions NOT fact ;)”

  1. Since this post I have really begun to appreciate the SMG’s in a different light. The irons on the mp7 dont seem as crap. The recoil on the UMP seems more pronounced and the P90 is now my second fave gun in the game behind the G36C.

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