MW3 Reflections on the SMG’s/SMG’s MW3/Modern warfare 3 SMG’s…

Okay so I’d say the best smg is the pp90m1 . It has relatively low recoil , fires fast and basically is deadly . It is poor at distance however but it’s the one gun I’d say that you can use without kick ( the ump /mp5 /p90 benefit from kick a lot) . Meaning you can use two attachments. The combo I’d recommend are extended mags and silencer or indeed rapid fire and extended if you want to go unsilenced. That said I rarely use the pp90m1 anymore as I sort of got bored of it in the first month. I will go back to it I’m sure. For now I run two smg classes . The mp7 with red dot and the UMP silenced. The UMP is a little slow granted but is powerful up close and has predictable recoil with Kick. The MP5 is decent but I fail at anything other than 20 metres. I tried the PM7 but it comes up wanting for me. The p90 for me is another than I need to try for at least a week to review fully. When I have used it I seem to be more accurate without the silencer. It is funny that some weapons seem to be more accurate with/without silencers when Im sure there is little difference. ( maybe muzzle flash) .

I will say if I had to have a try hard class for silent running and gunning it would be the pp90m1. Simply because it kills so fast and it has clean metals. I may make a rudimentary table later with ratings for each smg. I know there is a real gun damage chart on this sight already . But this will be more of my opinion and less tangible. Eg : Feel/recoil/metal sights etc.

Okay off to work now byeeee.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 15, 2011.

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