MW3 gripes / Updates / Chat

My ACR is too bouncy!!!!

Gripe – My record is 15-0 with preds after the breaks. They have made the predators USELESS after the game stops and starts. One game some guy was AFK and stood right on the field and bam it didnt kill him dead on. My technique used to be save it for the restart then bam I get a double and a chopper. Now I have to wait till maybe a minute after the restart and the damage of the preds return.
SMG – Tried the pm9 also silenced . Not as bad as I remember. So far the the pp90 and the UMP are the best silenced smgs and the mp7 with red dot is my favourite sort of allround weapon. The mp7 is like a snub sized assault rifle with accuracy and versatility.

Levels – I’m liking village/mission. Im hating Hardhat. Who the hell designed that stupid piece of crap

Assault – The type 95 was nerfed yesterday but im yet to try it. For now I use the ACR and SCAR.
The acr is steady but has moe rumble than any other gun. I know this sounds weird but the other day my pad went skitzo in the middle of a game and stopped rumbling. The first thing I noticed was that as I play with vibration and that it often makes a big difference in regard to flinch and how well I am able to aim. The ACR is incredibly volutile. After the pad stopped working I felt maybe 50% more accurate and was able to lock on targets and withstand flinch more. I wont take the vibration off tho as it all adds to the experience. It is something that people dont mention . Id say the ACR and G36 have significant bounce so to speak.


It’s 12.45 .It’s cold and wet outside I have just enjoyed some Barista coffee and I’m watching some crap TLC show about some guy eating your take out. We will head out later.



~ by richardpmurfin on December 10, 2011.

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