Famous Grouse 18

Picked up a bottle of the Famous Grouse 18 year old for 828nt. Roughly 17 pounds 50. Amazing when it retails in the UK for between 50-60 quid! It’s a great blend. Dark fruit , sort of a sherry taste and the Mcallan and Highland park are most apparent. A highly recommended blend.


I played some redundant mw3 tonight. I say redundant because I felt sloppy and slow and add that to the fact that I couldnt find a decent lobby of Sabo or Mosh pit , never mind team tac! I put this down to experience ….3 hours wasted . Who knows I may have learned something in that time I’ll use in the future. I’m still learning the guns to be honest & I freely admit I’m yet to confirm my first choice classes for my current 5 slots. I really need at least 7 loadout slots . For now I have 3 assault rifle’s and 2 smg’s. In regard to the assault rifles the ACR is in two of my slots silenced and unsilenced respectively. The SCAR is my third loadout, silenced. My SMG loadouts are the mp7 with red dot. My last slot is for an smg , which smg I’m not sure.  The PP90 seems like the best for CQ ( close quarters ) but it does let me down at medium distance. The UMP is still solid but a little slow. I gave the PM-9 a run out tonight and it was ok spose. A little like the uzi but not as good.Basically for now I’d say the first choice is the PP90 even if I am a little bored of using it. The UMP and MP5 vye for second place.



I was meant to go to a wedding on Sunday but I really dont know the couple so will give it a miss. I was tempted to go out tonight but Jody was tired after a long day ( had to go to Taichung) and we had stir fry some Longchuan and watched On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Lazenby wasnt a bad Bond really. He was licensed to 7 movies apparently but was advised not to do them….big mistake.



~ by richardpmurfin on December 10, 2011.

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