Call of duty elite doesn’t work/Cod Elite problems/Elite doesn’t work/Call of Duty Elite errors/Call of duty Elite Fail!

Reasons why Elite is fail :

It crashes a lot! The game stats are wrong , just plain wrong. If I went say 10-1 It only remembers part of the game for example 5-1. Other players stats are wrong. It lists the wrong weapons etc. Changing your loadout doesnt work either. The other day I just changed the colour of my scar and when I got onto the game my secondary had been changed.

Oh and dont get me started on ‘out of memory7’ on the theatre mode. ANY game I have made over 70+ kills doesnt save and even some smaller ones. Even older games that worked once have now degraded to nothingness in the vault.

People have paid 49.99 US $ for a system that doesn’t work. No one at IW or Sledgehammer has mentioned the stat finder or the theatre doesn’t work. The only evidence is from like Nov8 when initially it wouldn’t come online. Now one month later it basically doesn’t do what it’s supposes to . This for me is far more unforgiveable than a first day glitch or two. Am I the only person that wants to get my moneys worth. To save a good game in the vault for my friends to watch?  or indeed to be able to use the stat finder on a decent game of sabo to see ALL my kills. I can’t trust the KD / Accuracy stats I have  now knowing the elite system either is incomplete or in some cases just makes up the answers. If they can fix this within the ‘free’ month we got then it could somehow redeem them. But given they have already got a ton of cash I doubt they will try too hard. I hate Treyarchs games but Infinity Ward have a lot to learn from Treyarchs customer service section.

Nerf akimbos ………in mw3!

They were nerfed a few days back but I cant tell the difference when they are being used akimbo. There are two schools of people with nerfings. One – Hell just keep it the same and man up. Two – Why not try and make the game more balance. I have to follow the latter train of thought. Given we have the luxury of nerfing games nowadays we should exploit it. Im pretty sure If Capcom released streetfighter way back in the day they could have nerfed Guile they would have. No games company knows how the game will fair on the open market until its too late. Patching the game ( as long as its reasonable ) makes good sense. You dont make cookies for the first time ever and say yep thats how I make them and I’ll never ever try to make them better no matter how bad they are.

 From an enjoyment POV. Even the die hards against nerfing must get frustrated by these weapons. Some guy going 30-0 rounds a corner with his pistol pre-aimed fires one off…..and some noob with his eyes closes grabs the pad randomly with akimbos and mows him down easily. There is no skill in akimbos its just a wall of bullets. I think the machine pistols were a bad idea anyway. Secondaries should have 10-15 bullets and should the last chance saloon for a guy who’s primary has run out. Not ‘oh im going into CQ its akimbo time’. I think ALL akimbos should be removed even pistols. Secondaries should be exactly that second choice when you have no other. It would also add value to the perk overkill , which to be fair is redundant.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 5, 2011.

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