Chilled out schedule right now

Yeh so it’s December already and life is trundling on. I’m currently on 15 hours and need more. Trouble is I dont want to work Kindy so sort of need something at a miscellaneous time. A time which ahem isn’t available. I’ll check the usual haunts ESL99 and Tealit. Jody has something called a chocolate cyst on her ovary and we are a little worried. As of now it’s only 5cm in size & we are trying to find out if she should take it out or indeed monitor it for now.

I finished my Woodford reserve last night after a hard fought game of team defender in which we beasted on Arkaaden till the wee hours. Tonight I played sabo solo and got some decent scores a few 50+ and an 18-3 interchange. Sabo is basically the best individual game mode. Sure I play mosh a lot but the fact they didnt include sabo in mosh means I’ll always come back to it. It’s so open . You can use any tactic you want and the spawns arent too unpredictable yet its hard to be spawn trapped . The games can range from 1 minute to 20 . Basically it has everything I want in a game mode. I have gathered a few Jap mates via mosh yet they arent fans of sabo something I’ll have to work on.

Today I watched Paul Calfs video diary and listened to winterscapes on live 365 radio again.

Tomorrow is Friday and I fear we wont be going out given Jody’s current condition but hey a relaxed weekend is fine by me.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 2, 2011.

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