Thursday……DECEMBER 1st! / Gun recoil mw3 / Updated recoil table mw3

More will follow here 🙂 . Just had a ton of coffee and preparing for the school day. I plan to run later with Jody and enjoy my festive xmas lights while watching the Disney christmas sing a long on youtube. Below the recoil table is a list of the maps ( with small pics) , this is mainly for reference in regard to each level, at least you can put the name to the pic.

Recoil mw3 . I had to throw this in here . I know I said I wouldn’t talk about mw3 as much but I have been having trouble with my silenced assault rifle class as of late. The SCAR is too slow to kill. I cant have another ACR class as that would mean I have 3/5 . I like variety. The m4/cm901/g36c/SCAR are the ones I have been tinkering with. I like the sights on the scar and the noice is better than that bouncy crappy rubbery noise with the others. The G36c is one viable option but Im not entirely keen on its metals. They sort of obstruct at distance. Recoil is one factor I have to think of although I’d say it’s not as tangible as the table suggests ( some recoil is helpful or indeed erratic so cant be categorized as good or bad) . I like the idea of a very none tangible factor which is ‘feel’ , combine that with recoil and damage/speed and of course whether you can see the opponent past the crappy metals and you get your winner. The winner for me however is still a mystery. Perhaps I’ll look to either get used to the g36c’s metals or indeed go back to the m4. I do like the scar and it’s my silenced weapon of choice at the moment I just can’t count how many times I have been gunned down at medium/far distance because its too slow to kill.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 1, 2011.

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