Time to talk about something other than mw3…..well for a paragraph or two!

My blog has been dominated ( as has my life ) with mw3. The last two weekends Im surprised Jody hasnt got angry at the amount of time I’ve played on cod. Indeed we did do some stuff this weekend. Saturday was a wash out but yesterday we walked to Taipei City and had the American  breafast at Carnegies, god it was greasy but good. Jody had a much improved Continental breaky ( salmon , cheese , bread croissants!). This is inspired me into writing a simple guide to breakfast and brunch in Taipei. I will do this at a later date of course but it will happen. There isnt that much need however as I can simply view this : http: //hungryintaipei.blogspot.com/  This website is the most prolific , interesting , well made and informative site I know for foreigners or indeed anyone wanting to eat in Taipei. But as mentioned I will make a small entry. http: //www.carnegies.com.tw/  still rules the roost for me though. Great atmos. Helpful staff and a fun night out. I was against it a few months back because the might staff can be shite but recently they have pickded up again.

MW3 : Yeh I know I said something else , but here is an interesting set of observations from the cod4 website I frequent. Vinegaroon is a buddy on the site and made some astute points about mw3 and it’s change gameplay. In italics are my thoughts too! :

Having explored this game more, here are a few observations…

IW went to great lengths to fix a lot of things that people complained about in MW2.

Tubes are now almost completely useless. I did the 20 kill challenge with the launcher attached to the M4, and it was very difficult. Most of the kills were direct impact because the grenades have virtually no kill radius. Anything but a direct hit resulted in a hit marker only most of the time.

Tubes are awful. RPG’s not much better .

Along the same lines, Scavenger is now of limited value. It does not replenish anything explosive…no ‘nades, bouncing bettys, Claymores, flash/stun grenades. All it does is give you more bullets. That being the case, I would much rather just grab guns laying around and use the perk slot for SOH. I am sure this was done to reduce the tubing problem, but I think they might have gone a bit too far.

I think they should let you pick up nades and stuns that have been dropped ( just one not two) that would be fair as many people wouls still use SOH.

SMGs now have a huge advantage in CQB. ARs are also dramatically better at range than SMGs. In MW2 there was much more overlap….guns like the TAR and UMP could be used effectively as “jacks of all trades”. Not so true anymore. I think this was a good change.

Yeh given the levels it makes more sense to use a pm990 in tight sutuations. I will say this if you stick a red dot on the mp7 it does feel like a squat assault rifle and works like one too.

The map designs severely limit camping. You still have the odd retard sitting in the corner, but controlling a position of advantage is much more difficult now. There are multiple routes into every location, and the nerfing of Scavenger makes it impossible for players to hide behind multiple Claymores and Bettys.

Yeh agreed although this pissed me off a bit heh

These changes dramatically shift the gameplay. Run and gun now completely dominates, and the majority of people now use SMGs due to the tight maps. I am sort of ambivalent about this shift of gameplay. It suits the way I like to play, but there is also less variety in-game than there was in MW2.

Even though campers and tubers could be annoying, they did add variety to the game.
It does mean its all break neck running. In the old days id play sabo for a relaxing 20 minutes. To me it was a slow paced game to relax after those quick games of demo or FFA . I could lazily pick people off with my acr or m16. Now my thumb is wrecked after 20 mins. I also watch games back and the dominators ( as u say) are the guys who fly around with sensitivity 10 and Pm990!

I think Scavenger should be returned to the original setup. Tubes are nerfed anyway, no one will be using them. So it would be better IMHO if Scavenger still supplied frags, Semtex, Claymores, etc.

It was a trend this version to break perks up into parts or indeed double whammy some perks. Shotguns had a double negative whammy! moved to first tier AND downgraded. Scav was downgraded. Sleight of hand was broken in half and shared out as was Cold blooded. If scav was the same as the old scav they could have put it as tier 2 then it wouldnt be deemed OP.

I do really like this game, but I think it would benefit hugely from a map-pack that imported MW2 maps like Afghan, Wasteland, Highrise, and many others. That would greatly break up the “sprinting around with an SMG” gameplay that currently dominates in MW3…..

Yeh I was thinking that. I dont miss being sniped on highrise or being picked off on wasteland but it does slow the game down and give the player/teams an opportunity to explore range weapons and play a more slow considered approach than ‘run like hell’.

Final Note : I got a bit of abuse from some quarters on my gun damage table. Basically I havent had chance to explore the shotties and LMG’s . That will still happen so I cant recommend a weapon in those categories. I did notice that shotties have damage and range proficiencies , this could really change my opinion of how seemingly underpowered they are. More on this to come.




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