Saturday washout…Cod Elite Premium Member!

The power was off yesterday so we went to the pub. A leisurely walk around the old night market and then Sam’s bar. We ended up in the Tav and returned to a dark house. The good news is we got up early-ish the bad news is it’s miserable outside.

I upgraded to Premium Elite membership for mw3 and now have 24 slots and await DLC. Theater mode still has it’s problems. Games wont work in the vault and some dont even turn up in the theater. Played a little bit of CTF earlier but I’m too hungover to play properly.

Here is a better version of the gun damage chart I previously showed :

Again not my info.

New DLC for Mw3 / New mw3 maps / New modern warfare content

Okay so pure speculation time for mw3. But I have heard that these levels may return ( they were found in the game ) :

The map file contains four maps from CoD 4 and only one from MW2. Call of Duty 4 maps are Crash, Crossfire, Strike, and Overgrown along with Highrise from MW2.

I dont get why they’d bring back Crash, Strike and Overgrown as they were in mw2’s DLC pack. Highrise would be to appease the snipers who dont have enough huge levels to wreak havoc on .

If I had my choice I’d go for :

COD4 : Downpour/Pipeline/Ambush….maybe bog but it would be sniper heaven. I love Vacant Crash and Overgrown but I fear it would be overkill to have them in the game 3 times in a row. ALthough Overgrown is as near to perfection as any level gets. Like Blood Gracht in Killzone3 I could play it all day.

MW2 : Afghan/Terminal/Favela/Scrapyard/Underpass.

Being a premium member of Elite allows me to get the DLC and I am excited but not eager for it to be released just yet. Indeed I need to learn the maps before charging around random new ones.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 19, 2011.

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