Uncharted 3 DLC / Kirin Vs Asahi : Battle of the Christmas beer!

Games : DLC for Uncharted announced! Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog,  has just announced the latest DLC packs hitting Uncharted 3 via the PlayStation.Blog starting tonight. For you Killzone lovers apparently it has Killzone content such as Helghast Helmet and armor.

I for one plan to get Uncharted as soon as I can tear my eyeballs away from mw3. I also plan to review both games in full ( I have half reviewed mw3 sort of lazily) .

MW3 : I found a game of mosh pit last night with a signal for the first time in 2 years ( since the start of mw2) it was so damned fun. Why doesnt everyone play mosh pit instead of crap TDM? Anyway as I’m still getting into it there wasn’t many earth shattering scores. I did run 79-11 on Dome which I was happy with as well as a 24 kill streak on CTF on Village.  Upon saving to my vault via the theater mode  I did notice an errory ‘out of memory7’ this seemingly had corrupted my files. At this point I wiped all older games from the vault in order to clear up some space only to find even new ones wont save. So I have now lost some decent vault games and am starting to wonder if there arent a lot more bugs to mw3 than IW have let on. Indeed so far Elite has been an unprecedented disaster . I have been on ONCE in 8 days and refuse to purchase the full 49.99$ version ( US) until they can assure me it wont crash in the midst of me paying or indeed be too busy for me to access when I want. Nothing has been updated so far also as the vids of the week are still Black ops. Out of memory7 ? I’d at least like a valid excuse. Is it my fault? Is it Infinity wards? Is it Sledgehammers?

It’s nearing Christmas and Kirin and Asahi launch both of their xmas offerings in the 7-11 unfortunately I cant find a picture of either so that’s another ‘to come’ item.

Back to the mundane. Today I worked from 3-7.40 and went for a jog in the number 4 park. The air is becoming cooler and fresher and yes it’s long pants weather now . I am enjoying wearing tracksuit tops and pants that go right to the bottom!

Reading : I am halfway through Jefffery Deavers Cold Moon and plan to buy another couple this weekend…..for those times when I’m not chipping away at mw3.

Football : England squeezed by Sweden via an own goal to secure an ominous second decent victory in a week. I am still apprehensive in regards to how well we may be playing now in fear it could somehow jinx or tournament in the coming summer.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 16, 2011.

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