PP90M1 is beast as is the ACR! Gold guns confirmed.

So after 6 days. I have the golden G36c , yes gold guns are in mw3 , and yes it’s like the gold ones in cod4. I was jumping between the mp7 and the pp90m1 . Now I think the latter is steadier and seems to drop people quicker. It also feels a little better silenced ( watch out for the range tho). The ACR is my assault weapon of choice . I now have a ghost and RDS class for this. G36c class is sort of a hybrid off the grid class also. Indeed given that there are too many UAV’s in mw3 ALL my classes now run with assassin . Sad really as I love to vary it up but it really isnt possible if you want to stay alive more than 30 seconds. Two days ago I argued the UMP is the best smg , now I’m not so sure.

I am still to use the shotties so I wont try to review them or the LMG’s yet. I will say tho that given extended mags on ARS can now be put with any other attachments ( two attachments as a profficiency) . The LMGS really have no advantage anymore. Sure they have lots of bullets but they have too many flaws : Too slow to aim, player is too slow, recoil is horrid, metals are horrid ( mostly) and they take too long to reload. Combine this with the fact that mw3 doesnt have as many places to kick back and shoot from behind a protected barrel and it really doesnt pay to use them. Anyway not much to say really. I will post a full review of the rest of the guns and indeed my impressions of the game from a more informed point of view ( no one can tell until maybe a month into multiplayer how good it is) . I will also look at spec ops and single player at some point. Snipers are something I can’t really do although I could point out some basic stuff like they are pretty long etc 😉 .


~ by richardpmurfin on November 15, 2011.

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