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Modern Warfare 3’s gun damage data if you hadn’t figured out by the title. It’s a bigger version of the table below  here as many complained the previous one was too small :

Following on from my last post here is the table about the gun damage followed my a brief basic view of the weapons from my humble opinion .

Best and worst  : Okay so here it goes very briefy. I know the stats are above but this is my guy instinct about how the guns feel and play

Assault rifles

M4A1  : Versatile and accurate , solid weapon for most uses. M16 : No longer a one burst kill unless its head and chest. Good for HC but the type 95 ( like the FAMAS) is a better choice if you like your guns burst. You can however add rapid fire to them for quicker bursts. G36C I’ve used this a lot. Solid from distance and good silenced. It feels like an elongated UMP. Scar : downgraded a little. Still level and accurate but silenced it is left wanting . CM901 : Decent with a little more recoil than the others. ACR not a lazer beam anymore but powerful and accurate . Great silenced weapon. AK47 : recoil often proves hard to see past and like in past game the red dot doesnt work as it bounces around too much . I would say it’s a labor of love ( I still love it) . FAD : some recoil but not as bad as the F2K and it’s got a big clip. Could be effective in the right hands.


MP5 : Pretty fast and accurate . Versatile too. UMP : Still good, accurate and balanced, but does lose damage at a distance compared with the last ump. PP90M1 : A solid fast very steady gun . Not powerful but drops v quick and with extended mags and or rapid fire its unstoppable. P90 : Improved in mw2. Fast with a big clip. Very useful. PM-9 : Like the uzi in previous games but more erratic. MP7 : Sort of like the vector but with more bullets. The most accurate smg in the game easy.

Overall ( first impressions)

Best AR – Type 95 ( if you like burst)/ ACR/m4 Balanced and powerful

SMG – Mp7 / pp990m1 One is more accurate the other drops people fast.

This looks epic . You can be involved :


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  1. I love MW3 so far (playing it right now actually), some people have been saying it’s not all that great but I like it. Ive been using the M4A1 for everything. Just because it was the first weopon I changed to from the default classes they have set up and decided to stick with it. I’m a level 34 right now and not very good at the game haha only have a .85 KD =]

  2. Which is the best shotgun?

  3. I like how the only guns talk about and apparently use are AR’s and subs like everyone else. You do know that there are 2 entirely separate classes (LMGs, snipers) plus the riot shield. I also love how you advocate using the most OP guns in the game (Type 95 and UMP). Please get some skill and be original and stop training N00bs to be as bad as you. Anyone who quickly finds out which guns are the best in the game and only uses them doesnt deserve to play the game.

    • Hell yeah neo stand up to the noobs who OP there way to a MOAB

      • Lol, I think people should play mw3 any way they want. Indeed a MOAB isnt like the nuke. Getting 25 kills legit is a respectable thing even if it’s with an OP gun. You cant rely on a CG this time 😉

    • First of all, you missed the shottie class. Second, the ump is not overpowered; in fact, I think it sucks because of the fire rate. Lastly, the Type 95 is a great gun, and you know the saying, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So, use the type 95 if it’s so overpowered. Queer

      • Yep. I hear yah. I actually do use the type 95 now and again simply to keep up with people on thse high fast killing lobbies. I still like the UMP tbh. It may not be as good as mw2 but sort of bridges the gap between AR & SMG. Overall tho I agree it isnt OP. As for the shotty class. Like I said it isnt my table. I think the gun rank math ( or whatever was used to be wrong & the recoil stat also). It is good for the basic game engine tho.

  4. I like how the only guns talk about and apparently use are AR’s and subs like everyone else. You do know that there are 3 entirely separate classes (LMGs, snipers, shotguns) plus the riot shield. I also love how you advocate using the most OP guns in the game (Type 95 and UMP). Please get some skill and be original and stop training N00bs to be as bad as you. Anyone who quickly finds out which guns are the best in the game and only uses them doesnt deserve to play the game.

    • I stated Id review the shotties and LMG’s at a later date. I really havent had time to review them all. I also stated that my first impressions were that these weapons were my recommendations. It could change later. Indeed in the last few days I feel the pm990 is better than the UMP ( for me at least) and I am really liking the ACR more than the type 95 . ‘Noobs’ whatever that means can choose their own destiny. Also you havent seen me play call of duty so assuming im bad is an error. Lastly why else do people go to find a damage chart if not to find what could be the best weapon?

  5. I haven’t played any Call of Duty for a long time and I can say that I applaud them for incorporating modern weapons with a video game. However, a lot of gamers would often assume that just because they know how to aim a gun in the game, they know how to aim a gun in the real life. The dynamics are a lot different because you don’t use the mouse. You use the weight of the gun + distance + line of sight + balance after recoil just to aim on a target.

  6. Your stats are not correct. Magnums kill in 2 bullets close range. MSR is bolt action not fully auto.

    Makes me wonder what else is incorrect in your list.

  7. People should go to weapon charts to be educated about the guns they are using and the ones they like. Not to figure out whats OP and stick with it for a year. The ACR is the new ACR and nothing less, pinpoint accurate, 0 recoil, fast firing. When u make a gun have no recoil and a fast fire rate, it doesnt matter if u make it 5 or 10 dmg lower than the rest, its gonna be OP. I then find it funny that you are recommending guns based on experience that is limited to about 1/3 of the weapons. And there is also no way in hell that the PP901 is more unbalanced than the UMP.

    • So where is your gripe? I havent reccommended overpowered guns ive simply stated what I like to use. I also argued that my experience is extremely limited. I stated 3 times I havent used the snipers, the shotties the lmgs or the shield ( well I have in mw2) . Which SMG is overpowered the pp90 or the UMP? It seems whatever I ‘reccommended’ you’d have problems with. What about a wooden board with nails in it? Is that old school and skillful enough?

  8. LOL oh I spelled recommend wrong also…my bad 😉

  9. I don’t know what a noob is. Because the term is thrown around too liberally. I used to think it means new gamer who isnt clued in but now its just a term for anyone you disline. OP loving moron? What are you talking about. I wish someone would tell me which guns arent OP then I’d be happy to use them. All I know is anyone who posts vids on youtube rarely does it with a USP or a Deagle.

  10. out of all the shotguns, the AA-12, stryker, spas, and M1887 are the best choices. AA-12 or stryker with extended mags and range proficiency are good for taking out multiple foes and can clear rooms w/ no problem. Although fast they are weak and may take 3-4 shots to kill.
    The spas and m1887 achieve 1 hit kills more. damage proficiency helps for both. one thing to note is the m1887’s range (it goes rather far but 1 hit kill chances diminish). these 2 shotguns are best used 1v1 and flankin is recommended.

  11. the usas and ksg are garbage jus to let u guys know

  12. any statistics on mw3???

    • Yeh well thats the preliminary damage table above. Granted people have pointed out flaws in the data and I agree there are flaws. It was found pretty quick after release tho. I will add one thing the CM901 has a foible. If you add the shotty or tube to it is fires a lot faster maybe like 750 rpm.

  13. mp7 all day every day!!!!!

  14. a noob is someone who has no idea what theyre doing, kind of like you are a noob at common sense and the english language

    • lol , nope . SO that’s one interpretation of a noob. Cool , I should build a database on what a noob is . I have already heard perhaps ten uses of it.

    • a noob is someone who has no idea what theyre doing, kind of like you are a noob at common sense and the english language

      Start your sentence with a capital. English starts with a capital. They are when abbreviated should they’re. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Oh yeh and a full stop helps.

  15. Haters gonna hate… thanks for the information. I found it helpful.

  16. Lol everyone complains about this gun being op or that one. The thing with cod is its all in the eye of the beholder, every gun has its strength and weakness. Just because someone is better then you doesn’t mean its the gun being op. Stop complaining, grow up and accept that maybe someone is more skillful.

    Good chart btw, has some flaws but its the best one around.

    • Thank you. And yeh I agree I have met guys who rip it up with the poorer guns and dont touch the OP guns. I also think the OP UMP isnt that good in mw3 after a few weeks play I find it average.

  17. best smg is pp90 followed by p90. ump is decent but definetly not a one shot kill close range like the pp90

  18. the ump up close within its range is the most powerful smg and has best natural penetration but loses its power quickly within a short bit of range even though the stat in game seems to be high, just tonight i messed with it and had several over 40 in tdm! i used ump with range and silencer , blind eye assassin and dead silence with a rocket for constantly destroying enemy uav which helps your team alot more than people seem to think…i myself give my map about 45% of my attention every single match and without it…it is easy to get wrecked…ump stealth setup was ridiculous i was a walking nightmare and if your not into killstreaks like me the specialist turns you into the hulk running the ump!! barebones monstar!

  19. whole point was rich is correct there are no 1 shot smgs or even assault riffles for that matter…unless of course we are talking 3 round burst!i loved pp90m1 after about 2 weeks of refusing to use it…then the mp7 became the love of my life..and the acr and g36c hold a special spot on my list and always will…you want to talk about op or overrated guns the type 95 has every hip firing garbage aiming kid out there nocking people down with 1 trigger pull not to mention the worst offender in mw3 the akimbo fmg9 which seem to get more accurate( really just spray in a pattern which makes it almost impossible to miss) and can put any1 down in the hands of the least skilled player consistently, no i dont mind getting downed by players that arent as good but when my accuracy is on point and i got 5 kids on other team who started the match with primary weapons and were horrible at aiming then switch to those akimbo and go ape shit yea…i got a problem with that….

    • Yeh , I hear you man. I think they should just remove akimbo. It would mean that your secondary would be JUST that a secondary and used if your out of ammo or havent time to reload. Not as a first choice . It would also mean that Overkill would be a valid perk again. I started with the pp90m1 and enjoyed it . It is the best smg tied with the mp7 imo . One for fast killing the other for accuracy. My fave smg is still the UMP tho as its solid all round. Feels good, its powerful and fairly accurate , and it looks cool. The damage drop off is a lot higher than the one in mw2 tho which was a crazy 35. But yeh I like the UMP a lot just like you.

  20. striker and usas are good as well 1887 or ksg if you get range and grip. grip increase rate of fire look at the vid

    • Also extended mags increased pellets by 50% . If I had range and extended mags unlucked for the spas/striker Id use it , but I cant face having to unlock it all. When Im bored one day I intend to really get to grips with the shotties ( pardon the pun) as there is nothing more satisfying than going on a rampage Sandy Ravage style!

  21. Off-topic but what is it like in Taiwan?

  22. Is the ACR better than the SCAR-L is what does OP guns mean.

  23. OP = Overpowered. I use both tbh. I find the ACR is great with marksman for those long distance kills but I run the SCAR silenced for general use as it feels like I can raise / aim and drop people quicker. My fave AR is the SCAR even tho it doesnt carry as much damage as the ACR ( acr carries 30 damage at distance and the scar just 20 ).

  24. I always used the SCAR-L but my friends used the ARC. I think im going to start using the ACR now thought. I will probably use them both though, and there is nothing wronge with op weapons. Why do they think people look at gun stats anyway.

    • I agree with the stats , thats why everyone is checking them. I find the ACR is a little clunky when unsilenced. Seems to take a while to raise and bounces around a bit. Dont get me wrong I like it . But I like variety. For my marksman class I have started running the m4 with marskman and extended. I now have a silenced acr and scar making 3 AR classes and 3 smgs …all different. Feels like a good balance and I wont get bored of one weapon!

  25. I’ve beat the game hard, vet, easy, and I’m level 50 in survival. And I’m pumped about survival mode… I’m trying to figure what is the best gun combo. So far I roll with a ACR or FAD depending, and an AA12 (for juggs) but I’m not convinced that the same rules apply in survival as in online if anyone knows a better combo let me know.

    • Do you mean moving to normal online play? If so I wouldnt recommend overkill ( two primaries) . If you are talking just about survival I have barely played it tbh. I find multiplayer is more my thing. Im happy to recommend classes I think work for multiplayer tho. 🙂

  26. Whats your gamergag

  27. Whats your gamertag for xbox live

  28. the noobest guns were mentioned, ump, also the ppm whatever you call it, and acr, all NOOB GUNS! if you wana play professionally use an mk, op, but takes more skill, or use a sniper or m60 🙂 dont wana be a noob?? dont play like a noob 🙂

    • Yeh , well even since then I have changed my opinion on weapons. I rarely use the ACR. I normally use the G36C now it is my go to weapon. SMG wise I run the mp7 ( yeh i know its cheap but its good) . The UMP cant be called a noob gun anymore as its actually not that good , slow ROF and low damage at range.

  29. the most accurate combo with out a doubt is a L86 Lsw with a thermal and a grip. now i hate the thermal and i only use it to complete the challenges but it will hold a sniper size group in the standing and any distance

  30. by far the most accurate combo is the L86 LSW with a thermal and a grip. now i hate the thermal i only use it to complete the challenges but if you like it it will due sniper size groups while standing at any distance

  31. I like the pp90m1 suppressed + rapid fire. Not a gun for long range combat, but in the right hands (mine) it is VERY deadly. Whenever im doing bad with my other classes, whip it out, top of the lobby almost every time.

  32. yep, came in top just now.

  33. You are right about one thing, good for close range. I rather have that than an shotgun. I feel that the shotguns in mw3 are too weak. If you dont have range or damage I just think their useless.

  34. Each game does their shotguns diffrently. Like I said in the last message, I think the shotguns are too weak in MW3, but in Battlefiled 3 they are way to OP. Thats a totaly diffrent game though.

  35. Ya, on MW2 I only put the shooties on my sniper. Im sorry to say I am a huge fan of akimbo AA-12!!! 🙂

  36. I just prestieged for my 6th time an I decided to give shotguns a chance. I have started using the usas 12, pretty good, I just need range. I should be able to get that fast because of double wepon xp.

  37. There was a shotgun you could get akimbo right?

  38. Or was it a diffrent game….

  39. Oh there we go, it was akimbo model 1887, my mistake, I dont know why I put AA-12. I feel stupid 😦

  40. I just unlocked range. let me tell you, if you put assain, blind eye, steady aim, USAS-12 w/ silencer & range, complete RAGE MODE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. I have 3 classes with that gun, I LOVE it. I take back my comment about them being weak. (I still hate the spaz-12, never liked it, never will.)

  42. Well, I play on xbl and they had x2 wepon xp and its still going on I think. Do you play on xbl or psn?

  43. Ha I forgot, earlier I was playing with my friend on aground, I was useing the dragnov (excuse my spelling) and the guy on the other team was right behind me with a l118a and shot me. It did not kill me and it scared the living s*** out of me. I swear, fastest trigger finger in the world, it really looked like I was G-modding. 😀

  44. I am playstation. Heheh don’t worry about spelling. I find sniping is fun but I am not great at it. Although sometimes acog’s can be real fun on a sniper hehe.

  45. Weapon damage doesnt really affect gameplay except on sniper shotguns ars and secondaries.

    • The trouble is when the game was launched the guns were very different. SO damage made a big deal. That said every few months instead of balancing the weapons they just boosted the poor ones. Meaning every gun kills too fast. I will say tho damage is still a factor Take an ACR compared to a SCAR and you will see a big difference after a few yards. SIlenced weapons can also show a significant reduction in damage over distance. I havent played mw3 since early summer tho, maybe they have boosted the weapons AGAIN…I am enjoying my break away from it. I got too addicted to it. I am enjoying my life more casually and less competitively currently 🙂

  46. I prefer the SCAR rather than the ACR. I just cant get get into it. Sure the ACR has a few yards better than the SCAR, but I like the SCAR better. When I first got the ACR I was like Im sticking with the SCAR hands down.

  47. SCAR is great with supressor and hybred scope!

  48. I have not been playing MW3 much because i have started playing [PROTOTYPE2] it is a very graphic game ill give it that 😀

  49. Im not really into really gory games but this one was pretty good. I mean if you like zombies and compleatly kicking butt than this is a game for you. I’ve never played the 1st one but the 2nd prodotype covers it peretty much.

  50. (sorry for my spelling, i just got up)

  51. To be honest i still play MW3 but the people who play it now always use these cheep guns, or G-modding with snipers and handguns. It just gets to be no fun after a while.

  52. Yep, I hear you. Basically only play when you are having fun. That’s why I am having a break. I stopped enjoying it to be honest. I am playing games at a more relaxed rate right now 🙂

  53. Ya, the only game that is halfway relaxing that I have is minecraft xbox360 version. Graphics are terrible but its a nice game.

  54. So When CODBO2 comes out, are you going to start a blog on that?

  55. If I get into bops2 I will definitely blog about it. Simply because I can’t stop myself. It all depends If I get hooked. I really didn’t like Black ops to be honest, it was clunky, jerky and felt shoddy ( maps were good tho) . After a week I went back to mw2 and played that for a year until mw3 came out.I still like mw3 don’t get me wrong, I just needed a break as I started a new job and I had to wake early etc, the knock on effect was that I ended up doing other stuff. I might go to my Elite account soon and catch up with the drops that I have missed.It’s just risky as I don’t want to get addicted again heheh.

  56. Ya,the only reason i have not sold bops is zombies. One thing I notice is if you play mw3 for a while then play bops, you come in top of the lobby every time almost. as soon as i started playing mw3 i could see a signifigant increase in my skill on bops.

  57. Honestly though, i came to look at your sight for accuracy, not damage. whats the point of haveing damage if you cant hit anybody? dont you agree

  58. Your chart is helpful tho, dont take it the wrong way;)

  59. lol, it’s okay I get what your saying. Thing is accuracy is kind of subjective. Arguably the recoil the iron sights combined with the sway and speed of fire all combine to make a gun ‘accurate’. Some people can swear by one gun and hate another just because they ‘feel’ it is more accurate or suits them better. Obviously recoil can be measured to a certain extent but even then it can be down to opinion whether the recoil is bad or not. Some guns have predictable recoil and others random yet if you can control it then it’s still deadly in the right hands. I think when talking about gun damage and ROF we have to assume that the bullets are connecting with the opponent in which case then the guns can be ordered from best to worst. Recoil is something that cannot be factored in on a chart . Hence why the ACR was amazing in mw2 despite the fact it was a relatively weak gun.In regard to bops being easier . The answer to me is obvious. MW3 is super competitive and makes you sharper than ever ( each lobby I play in has at least 3-4 good players) , Many of the BOP players have moved on from it and it leaves weaker players. The speed of mw3 in regard to the guns and the players is also much faster , sharpening your reflexes and making black ops seem relatively slow in comparison. It took me maybe a couple of months to win most lobbies in mw3 and I felt I wasn’t any better.Yet when I went back to cod4 and mw2 I was like a juggernaut. I wasn’t just winning I was hammering everyone.

  60. Ya, cheers to that.

  61. Ok, dont kick me off your blog, but I started to use the FAD. The only upside to that gun is the fire rate, other than that, as far as damage, accuracy, and mobility goes, its terrible. If it wasen’t for the fire rate than that gun would just pure suck. LOL 😀

  62. Ok so, I just finished playing a match on fallen I was trying to level up my scar so i could get a supressor. My perks were assasin, blindeye, and sitrep. my killstreaks were uav, ballistic vests, and advanced uav. When I entered the game I was prestiege 7 level 23. My scar was level 1. When that game ended, I was prestiege 7 level 25. My scar was level 11. I dominated, putting it on my vault as we speak. I went 27 kills and 9 deaths. We won 7500 to 3300.

  63. Nice. Well that is a solid set up. I got my first MOAB using a silenced scar on Fallen so it isn’t a bad set up. The scar silenced can be deadly but seems to lose power over distance. I actually find it’s metal sights better than most other guns including the acr. As for the FAD I don’t think it’s that bad if you use it as a close range weapon.

  64. I want your opinion on this. I see people with these golden assualt rifles all the time and they have a red dot. I say they should put an ACOG on instead of a red dot because you get more range. Your thoughts….

    • I find myself more accurate with the rds as I work within my means. ACOGs often can emphasise sway or recoil for me. I sometimes find myself having ‘tunnel vision’ and ignoring whats happening around me. The Holo sight is slightly stronger than the rds also if you fancy that little bit more zoom.

  65. Easy fix as far as sway goes, if you put breath on a gun with acog or hybred, really accurate, dosent sway much . Sounds stupid to put breath on an AR (At least I thought so at first) but it really works.

    • I agree but then the whole process becomes more like sniping. Your not only looking down a longer sight but you are holding your breath. I find that the longer I am distracted the more likely I will get nailed from the side. I think your idea is great just not sure I’d feel safe . Most of my targets with an assault rifle as medium range , any further I can pick em off , but wont worry too much if they are miles away hehe. Funny talking about cod. Might inspire me to get into it. Or at least dig out some of my moabs in the vault!

  66. Well Im not sure how you play, but I get nailed from the side regardless. But as far as the sniping comment, I went into a game of quickscopes no scopes, and I used an ACR thermal. I got kicked but it was fun in the mean while hehehe! 😀

  67. Yeah, you said it!

  68. Yeah, cheers to that!

  69. How strange, me and that other person had almost the exact same comment at the exact same time almost… Stalkerish…

  70. No offence but that game looks retarted

  71. Its still looks retarted, but on another note i looked where Taiwan is, its like a island near china right. Oh, speaking of island, i just got dead island, beat it in my 1st day. That game was really somthing… “VERY BAD SPIRITS!” says that tribal guy… guess what, we shot him. He almost killed that important lady. Good ridance mon. 😀

  72. Might say im too strung up on compliments, overdosed on confidence, starting not to give a and not fearing the consiquence. Drinking every night cause we drink to my accomplishments, fadeing in and out, floating in and out of concishness. They say im back, I agree with that, just need time for all this, I belive in that, had someone tell me I fell off, ooooh I needed that, they want to see me pick back up, well where’d I leave it at? I know i exaggerated things, cause i do it like that, put a napkin in my shirt cause im just mobbin like that. No dont, do it please dont do it, cause one of us goes in and we all go through it. Drizzy’s got the money, so Drizzy’s gonna pay it, those my brothers, i dont even got to say it its just somthing they know. They know, they know, they know. They know, they know, they know. They know, they know, they know. Yeah they know, they know!

    So, how was my song… (sorry for spelling/song errors.)

    • lol, what song is it? You might want to use spell check now and again hehe. Yeh Taiwan is just off China. When I play call of Duty with my mates in the UK I get some serious lag. On the other hand I meet a lot of Japanese so the competition is very good ( keeps me sharp) . Still gonna get Borderlands tho no matter how retarded it looks hehe.

  73. You know what really makes me mad, that when you leave a game it counts as a loss. I leave a game because people are pulling some bull, and when I search for another game it puts me in the same lobby. So I get like 10 to 15 losses for somthing I had to leave. Its really f’ing retarted!!!!!! 😦

  74. Yep, hate that too. Kills your win loss ratio heheh.

  75. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.
    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  76. Ok, sorry I have not posted in a while, but I go to turn on my xbox a week ago and my profile is gone. I cant get it back, so all of my ranks, gamerscore, achievements, everything, gone… SON OF A (censored) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I got a new profile and guess what rank I am in mw3… 11, wow! Thank god I still have my m16a4.
    (Im being sarcastic about the “wow” you know)

  77. Oh and if you have not already played dishonored you should. That game is BO$$!!!

  78. Nope, I dont have the email for it so im down and out on that one. Hopefully it cancles my xbox subscription for the profile, or thats another 59.99 down the drain every month…

  79. I mean year…

  80. So… how is a day in Taiwan for you.

  81. I live in The usa, georgia. Its good here, so is the salmon I had today hehe.

  82. LOL

  83. I probibly won’t know till christmas day so I could give your answer then. The problem is I dont know if you can wait that long. I had a family member pre order it and I wont see them until Christmas.


  85. Anyway im into assassins creed III. Wonderful single player but as far as multiplayer goes they could have done better… way better.

  86. I am still playing Skyrim. Which is a massive game. That said I bought black ops2 also.So far I am liking it . I have made a small early review on this blog. I also Got hold of the gun damage for the guns of Black ops 2 via PC user ( not my work hehehe) . I have assassins creed one but I got bored like halfway thru.

  87. So are you making a blog for COD BO2, and if so, just tell me when its up.

    • Go to the top of the blog and there is a re entry about the weapon damage and a mini review about bops , just my thougths so far. I would be pleased to see your comments on there also. Even if you dont have any experience on bops as yet , it would be good to see your opionions 🙂

  88. MY GOD MAN, WERE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND WHEN YOU SAID: *I am liking the SCAR H again( was a bit crap in mw3) . WHAT IS THIS!!! >>>( was a bit crap in mw3)<<< AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • It was underpowered compared to most AR’s in mw3. It was weakened when silenced. This is not me saying how weak it is. Just how OP the other guns were. Every gun got boosted apart from the SCAR . The guns were just too fast at killing in mw3 looking back.

  89. Hey, hope I dont sound stupid, but do you type in english, or does your website convert it to english? Just wanted to know, since you live in Taiwan…

  90. And yes a wooden board w/ nail attachment is old school and skillful enough hehehe.

  91. Lol, no I type in English. If you ever see translations from English to Chinese or vice versa , you would see it is immensely flawed and makes little sense.

  92. Oh, ok.

    • So you will get Black ops eventually? I like it so far. As I mentioned on my blog. I am not actually doing that good at it to be honest. But that is because I am not putting as much time in it and playing casually. Overall tho it is good fun and the maps and game modes are very enjoyable.

  93. Ill get it christmas day, I had a family member pre order it and I wont see them until Christmas.

    • It’s pretty cool. Zombies is much better than I thought before. Such good fun. Really enjoying it. The weapons arent as OP . The modes are cool. Hardpoint is good. I think you will like it.

    • I’ll be interested in what you think of the weapons and spawns also. I quite like most stuff in Black ops 2 . I have found some jerkiness and slow down recently tho, when the level is crowded. Most annoying if we are trying to hold down a HQ and then it jerks and I am dead with no reason ( at least on my screen ) as to why it happened lol.

  94. Ill tell you this one, I already know what my favorite wepon will be, the SCAR-H, and major question here, can you get the scavinger perk?

  95. Hello old friend, so i got bops2 and love it. My favorite gun is the Peacekeeper so far 😉

  96. Oh an have you gotten a new blog on bops2 yet?

  97. I didnt bother to make a blog on Black ops2 . To be fair I like the game but I really haven’t played it enough to be obsessed like in the past . The smg’s are pretty smart in it tho. I preferred the AR’s in previous titles but the smg’s in this one are lethal.

  98. I prefer to run around with 6 perks and a gold knife rather than guns. I find myself doing better with that than anything elts.

  99. Overall I like BOPS2 so far. The spawns are ok but i do feel they change a little to fast sometimes (especialy oh Hijacked, tho it is my favorite map) I do like hardcore much better now because there is no waiting to respawn. Guns are not as op as on mw3. Maps have a good layout overall. The wildcards are also a nice adittion to the game. My favorite guns so far are the Peacekeeper, DSR50, the LSAT, the Combat Knife, SCAR-H, and my all time favorite THE DEATH MATCHINE!!!!!!!! 🙂 As I have said tho, I like BOPS2 overall.

    • I don’t mind BOPS but the signal and hit detection is so bad I couldn’t take it. Sometimes it takes 10 shots to kill someone and others they die after 2. So in some lobbies I’d kick ass and others I didn’t have a chance. I might go back to it, but i was rather infuriated by the whole thing tbh. I liked the smgs and liked the idea of the AR’s but in reality they were too slow and weak comparatively. It’s a fun game , but I haven’t fully enjoyed a cod game since mw2.

  100. Yeah, I see what you are saying.

  101. So, I was talking to one of my friends recently and somehow we got on the subject of cod. We were talking about killstreaks and i have this question for you. Do you think getting a moab or a tactical nuke is better?

    • Moab was harder. You don’t have help by any means. In mw2 you could use harrier, chopper gunner and bobs your uncle. I got far more Nukes than I did moabs. I also think competition got harder when mw3 came out. I did enjoy the feeling and sound effect of a nuke tho. Happy memories.

  102. This is not a happy memory for the other team but it is for me hehehe. So i was playing domination on estate, and i got a nuke. I saved it until the other team got to 199 score in sent it in… Hatemail for another hour after that! Good times, good times…

  103. What is your name on psn , its only a vita that i got and i dont want to take up your friends list if you are not up to it.

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