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So this is kind of waiting up to see Santa and then seeing your Dad pack your stocking. I’m not sure after 2 day’s I should really be peeking behind the scenes at the guns before I give them a try . Often subconciously once I know their strengths or indeed weaknesses I don’t use em as much. Gun damage also takes out the mystery of each weapon. As you can see the usual formula of 40-30 or 30-20 has been broken down to there not being stopping power. Some of the guns deal out a really strange amount of damage. The UMP doing 49 , despite this most are a 3 hit kill which is good for the average gamer.  Normally Denkirson get’s this info first but I think this is down to Gaming Entertainment. This is not my image so all right’s are theirs : My full review will come soon . Until then you can make do with the smaller review I did for Metacritic : Sure it is more of the same. Sure Not that much has changed. But as I massive fan of mw2 it doesn’t mean the game should be deemed a ZERO? If you want a radically different shooter then look to a different franchise ….there are plenty around. Anyway now to my review ( multiplayer only ) .

The game feel is pretty good as is the presentation. The weapons somehow dont feel as visceral as before and the sound isn’t as apparent. Maybe this was to tone down sound whoring. Only time will tell. The different packages are good for different players and indeed different game modes. In game modes where death is quick and easy like FFA then support is great as you get to call in UAVS and such with regularity. It is a pain to see UAVS , Choppers and sentry guns flying in far too much but the game has several counter measures. Namely Counter UAV ( duh) or assassin. SAM turrets for those perky choppers as well as EMP grenades for the sentries. This goes along with the obvious counter measures employed in mw2.

The game modes currently are far more extensive and feature my all time fave ‘mosh pit’. 99% of the players still play TDM for some reason meaning I couldnt find a game in lonely old Taiwan. The weapons feel similar to mw2 and indeed drop people as quick as they would in mw2 (minus SP ) . The UMP so far seems even steadier than mw2 and the m4 is a solid weapon ( resembling the scar in mw2) . I havent yet unlocked all the extras like bouncing betties and claymore but suffice to say Im satisfied with the weaponry. The perks are solid enough and do what they should do . They offer a little help. It doesn’t feel like they dominate the game.

The levels so far feel a little clustered. There is a lot of tight alleys and some annoying abstacles, but this is a bonus in regard to putting an end to sniper filled levels that barely let you leave the spawn before death. One level has a hole in the middle of it and people just kept getting stuck at weird angles. I’d like to say there are better levels if you play larger game modes like Ground war or such but I havent played them all yet.

.Anyway I’d give it an 8.5 if I could as I love it as a new version on mw2 . I can however see why people would be disappointed in its stationary stance on developing the franchise.  Overall : Great but not genre shattering!

Since this review I have started to like the levels even more and appreciate the weapons more than I did now that I have the p90 etc. I am still hoping I dont have trouble finding games of Sabotage, Mosh pit and capture the flag. Team defender is very cool though. Like I said a ‘full’ informed review will follow. I have also messed with the specialist killstreak to my amusement in FFA and it’s pretty fun.

The weapon damage table for modern warfare 3 is taken from gaming entertainment . All gun statistics and details are their stats. All right’s reserved.


This looks epic. You can be involved :


~ by richardpmurfin on November 10, 2011.

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  1. can you give me a link to the orignial chart? this one is a little fuzzy.

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