Modern warfare 3 is here tomorrow!

So Modern warfare 3 is here tomorrow. As usual Taiwan stores arent sure when they are to get it in. Sometimes in the afternoon ………….maybe. There is to be no hardened in Taiwan. Meaning I’ll have to get it online with psn cards ( USA account wont let me use a credit card from here on a US account) .  I also have to work. I know that’s a whole lot of bitching for something that isn’t really serious so I’ll shut my fat mouth for now heh.

Things to note :

The support package is a damn good idea but it could be too hectic and there maybe one too many UAV’s.

The Assassin Perk : could be the overpowered perk of mw3 so far as it is seemingly better than any tier 2 perk easily….we shall wait and see .

MOAB : The mother of all bombs is IN mw3! MOAB’s will be a 25 kills reward hidden in the game and it must be obtained by 25 gun kills only ( no streaks) . It will kill ONLY the opponent and they can respawn. Rumor’s also suggest it leaves an EMP in the game also until the end. That could be a game winner if it is called in early enough ( stopping the enemy big time in those long games of sabo ) . It could also be a game breaker in say Domination as the flags could be recapped by your team.

Computer and Video Games or CVG has rated the game 5/5 ! All signs are good for a perfect multi player gaming week.

The popularity of Elite vexes me greatly. Elite is for the die hards….yet everyone is getting it? Reminds me when the kids at school all have super expensive multi-functional phones and they use it to text. I wonder how many of the guys that get Elite will have clans. Will manage vids or indeed have vids worth keeping in it? Will 95% of the population even last past the first round of a tourney or indeed be able to enter a tourney? I hate to sound negative but I play every day for 3 hours and I’d say I can juuuuust keep up with the best. I dont see how all these people really think they can suddenly be a pro. Anyway if I take a step back from my pedestal I spose it DOES give you the map packs and who is to say why people shouldnt have clans or enter tournaments even if the majority of the population is shite at cod.

Anyway tomorrow at work will be torture for 2 hours but Jesus I am a lucky SOB I need to remember that.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 8, 2011.

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