Quick one

Technology : HAH! this is a rarity . Yeh well I never talk about technology. Apart from buying flatscreens and PS3’s I rearely look into the scary world of technology. I have been looking into some items tho. I have heard a lot about  Kindles and really would like to see how life like they are. Indeed if they become cheaper than a book then why not try it? I can’t count how many books Ive bought only to have them laying around on a dusty shelf or a garage somewhere.

I personally don’t strive for technology. An MP3 is about as adventurous as I get! I have always been a few years behind. I only have an android phone because it’s Gareths cast off. So for that reason I think an iPhone or an iPad is at least two years away heh. An iPod could be a viable option for me but really I dont see any need to have more than a gig or two so I’ll stick with my trusty mp4! Anyway I really have to get a grasp on how to use tech in order to want to buy it. I’m maybe the only person I know on the forums that doesnt know how to upload to YouTube . I also can’t even get BBC website to let me listen to or download any of the great stuff available. I always have some need for a plug in or some pathway crashes etc. Anway I guess I’m just thinking out loud for now and perhaps looking to move outside my limited outlook on the new millenia and it’s potential treats.



~ by richardpmurfin on November 3, 2011.

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  1. look at you more and more articles….

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